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Australasia: update 2 —

August 24, 2009

ACTU president Sharan Burrow is on recent record with the AAP…

Ms Burrow said maximising jobs, reviewing targeted labour market programs for women, and urgently shifting towards a green economy would help Australia on the path to recovery.

She said the federal government had made headway with its renewable energy target legislation – passed by the Senate last week – which would unleash $20 billion in investment and translate into jobs.

“But we must not stop there.. there is a six trillion dollar green economy global market out there right now and we are just not getting cracking to take hold of that.. Nobody would have asked for the global financial crisis, but it is an opportunity to shift our economy to a green economy and strengthen our domestic base.”

Heather Ridout – h/t businessspectator – CEO @ the Australian Industry Group, adds,

“Fundamentally the ETS (emissions trading scheme), which is a market-driven mechanism, is to do the heavy lifting if we are not to export jobs overseas.”

Interesting idea, there, employers playing the jobs card for ETS dough… only in Australia…jobs rich or ditch..

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