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Does and don’t about complaints

August 25, 2009

Interesting how the local radio (RNZ) here are newsing complaints about the telco Telecom’s CEO whose pay and bonuses despite a 40 percent drop in company profits is some $5mn pa.

For one thing there is an active issue in regard line engineers et al being uniformly required become contractors instead of employees. This in turn passes the costs of doing their business onto themselves and for a good many of them loans from the bank just to keep on working..(vans, tools etc).

However, also in the frame are high – ie 20,000 per month – complaints against telcos in Australia.

In NZ a major telco call is to follow established Australian practices. Said here to be successful. But the facts speak differently, as the industry ombudsman O’Donnell makes clear in her report Monday. With a consumer emphasis the report cards emphasise significant accounting errors.
Among the 9 companies involved Vodaphone and Hutchison 3 boss Dews has pleaded for more work on “underlying issues”.

A point not missed by Broadband, Comms and DE Minister Conroy who says the industry campaign and report had arisen from consumers ceasing to be a priority for telcos.

“I remain concerned that the number of consumer complaints still being registered is simply too high and industry is not doing enough.”

O’Donnell again:

“We’ve had two years where we’ve been the busiest ombudsman in Australia.. Very, very basic stuff was not being done that drives the consumer crazy with frustration.”

Backstory: 2007-8 there had been a 46 percent rise in complaints. the connect.resolve campaign was started, during which complaints continued to rise..

Hey, doesn’t this look like competition is more the problem than solution. Y’know a fairly common corporate problem just everywhere and which makes the NZ epmu spokesman’s point on radio about corporates being a law unto themselves pretty obvious.

And competition IS why former industry monopoly Telecom has taken the profits hit.

Affecting top-end (CEO payrates) and bottom-end(consumers) wholly inconsistently. Yes, there’s what they call a “ditch” between the two countries, but the Tasman sea strikes a true divide between claimed parallels. For sure.

And w/o being entirely mischievous* you do wonder who’s more in bed with such corporates .. that such situations can be allowed to arise prior to ranking newsworthy.

* the word “contempt” made headlines in enzed yesterday per politicians’ contempt for voters, corporate contempt for consumers a distinct lookalike (above)..

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