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Stars are Green..

September 2, 2009

This is not about ‘green shoots’.. nor for that matter shooting stars.. It is about stars deserving green and green deserving stardom..

BTW the music playing right now is An Englishman in New York.. I think a Marsalis tempo piece..

And deserving of time and place to accompany this article from the New York Times (last Friday according to Joe @ CP). It read:—

The Great Depression imbued American life with an enduring spirit of thrift. The current recession has perhaps proven wrenching enough to alter consumer tastes, putting value in vogue…

… At a mall devoted to home furnishings, many storefronts were vacant, and survivors were draped in the banners of desperation: “Inventory Clearance,” “50% Off,” “It’s All On Sale.”

But at the Natural Gardener — a lush assemblage of demonstration plots that sells seeds, plants and tools for organic gardening — business has never been better.

Sales of vegetable plants swelled fivefold in March over past years. The company added a public address system and bleachers to accommodate hordes showing up for vegetable-growing classes.

Part of the embrace of gardening stems from concerns about the environment and food safety, says the company’s president, John Dromgoole. Momentum also reflects desire to save on food costs.

Value. Green value/s. Emerging stars..

In the land of burnup states like California and cantankerous – WTO gotta obligations for creepy littul importer states like dem dumb kiwis or we tarrif ’em outta bizness.. gases.. geez we gotta do it so dey do it, too – Ohio and Colorado.

Little do they know how this is the land of leaky buildings.. whose latest reported fix is now down to the builders of such and not the local authorities. Pity no one thought of that before they were built… Hey, face it, whoever heard o’ building leaky homes deliberately..?

Well, one answer to this very obvious question is the one a fellow called Bill showed me in his engineering office this week. On the wall an illustration of the Parthenon, Athens. In a sneaky little script forming a small wave and line into the page was writ: The leaky buildings syndrome has been with us for some time…

Making kiwis Greeks… or mebbe Greeks kiwis.. yes, yes, I can see the latter’s intent.. what with huge national indeptedness and burnt up Athens.. fires again… allow me dowse them here and now..

Truth be told the English have Camelot: kiwis have Kimalot. And on Kimalot* – which runs Saturdays – they did an item on the merits of paintbrushes… replacing bees for pollination purposes.. And just to show you how Jung’s synchronicity has become an also ran – yet again – I used none other than a handy paintbrush to sweep away hammer-drill pounded concrete dust from a number of holes today.

* I learned how the “someone” who entered a question about potting Welsh onions and was told potting yuk or some such remark retorted in the manner of Lady Catherine de Burgh(Judy Dench) to Mrs Bennett(Brenda Blethyn (another australian)) — “You have a small garden madam!”. Bcos – oh yes there was a great knowledge behind this particular vegetable – this kimalot guest and author of several doorstop volumes appeared to know more about tomato stakes than onions. Quercetin is the word, and the word is the deed when medicine the need. See!!!

Someone on the radio today muttered something about 11 year olds today doing what 8 year olds could do years ago. This supposed testament to dumbing down. Yet so young. Adults.. leaky buildings.. what you can get away with in the greater pursuit of greater profits.. these I can understand as loss of obligation/s toward others in the reward of individuals..of dubious political, economic and philosophical or post-modernist operators whose freedoms align with self-seeking rather than communal values. Take those out of school and what have we got..?

The lyric “Don’t know what to do with myself..” springs to mind.. And yes, matches the evidential MO in this country these days.. a government unable and unwilling to move decisively on climate change legislation as it, at the same time, shifts and spins about whose responsibility it is to do so.. MO for modus operandi.. time for modus obligato.. what do YOU think?

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