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Four Noes and a Funeral.. march

September 10, 2009

Yukio Hatoyama and the Democratic Party of Japan took out Japan’s recent elections. Facts. But did you know about a wee kiwi support for such things..? Of course you did not; well, not this one. Which explains why the blog.. this particular blog..

A month or so back the word came in buy Japanese. So off I went to the hardware store. MOF for an excellent new item in machine technology. Yep, with a whole half-inch chuck, variable speed, high for wood, low for most things else plus an auto-set button at whatever. Hey, there was nothing known to mankind that this baby would not have a go at. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention it.. there was this mystery lever on the underbody.

Which turned out a revealing aspect of the deal and after-service. Yeah, I was to join the illustrious company of ignoramuses along with the sales manager until we figured at the third take and several drill bits* later that this lever had a very solid solution for when you jam the bit deep into a concrete block. Reverse out. Do not pass go, do not collect the bucks, but get out of the jammer free! Just flick the lever for an immediate exit strategy. Out the way you’d gone in.

Lesson of which sprung to mind a couple of Sundays ago at RNZ’s Mediawatch. The bird running this show has a big fan and oh boyo was it on display that day about the use, misuse and abuse by too many people of the expression “going forward”. Peacock panned the field and even came up with a website dedicated to naming and shaming awful utterers. Vox on the box yammered things like — what does it(this expresseion) mean! Why is it necessary? Where did it come from? And why do we need it? Answerers saying how it means nothing at all.. total tommyrot! An abomination, in need of abolition and those stoopid dumb clucks using it gottabe admonished. Til they quit!

Waitta minute, guys. Yeah, always guys these days, have you noticed this. Hey, like the lady says in Cranford(good Dench on DVD ).. “Men, they—they’re all the same. I know because my father was a man——”.

Yeah, slow down some. Laugh. Sure, four “going forward” in four consecutive sentences by a government Minister could use surgery. [No, I don’t mean tree surgery in Auckland like his mate Nick’s nagging about]. But whiplash reactionaries invariably end up with sore necks.. shoulders.. backs..

Why, did I hear someone say.? Because expressions like “going forward” have a start point, a relevance to something or other. Ignorance of which can hang reactionaries.

As that mystery lever almost hung me. You see, on the underbody of that drilling machine was molded an arrow pointing forward — for going forward – and another pointing backward – for going backward. Substitute “drilling” for “going” and the parallel is made. In engineering lingo, and to engineers.

Which, excepting seed drills, could invite further questions like WTH were politicians using engineering terms for.. if they were not engineering something political..? To which my best advice goes something like the song — Oh no Wayne, no Minister, no Wayne, NO.!!!

* I’d flicked the lever inadvertantly and figured the drill bits were blunt as I merrily drilled backward.

Well having started out at mention Japan mebbe a couple of highly relevant points can be passed on.

1. I hear how Yukio Hatoyama is decidedly anti-amakudari. “Amakudari” is the long-established practice of senior government bureaucrats getting top export positions, more particularly in those companies for whom they have secured cheap loans. Literal translation puts the english wording at gift from heaven. So topdown is the practice. Which may tally with kimalot’s guest last Saturday who inferred Japanese communities behave like women. Aint too much difference between old men and old women feathering the nest I’d guess.. anyway the fellow Pease( didn’t he visit Auckland Island a while back ?) could think about adding this morsel to his body of work.. so as to avoid my fate (qv earlier)

2. Kiwis have gone for infrastructure spend through the recessionary period. Japan has been so oriented for many years. Resulting in economic stagnation. Which is why the new broom is flicking their lever from infrastructure to individuals.. e.g. a mooted $3000 per child per year. So.. if you have the access, dough and opportunity, the strong tip to invest retail and/or consumer equities looks good.

3. Hatoyama said Japan would seek to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% below 1990 levels by 2020, but said the target would be contingent on a deal involving all major emitters in Copenhagen in December. “We can’t stop climate change just by setting our own emissions target,” he said at a forum in Tokyo. “Our nation will call on major countries around the world to set aggressive goals.”

Which to Tom Farmer’s mind at least says a nation’s obligation to the planet along with intended commitment to human responsiblity will mebbe lead other industrials out of relative inertia..

Okay dad what did you do on Dad’s Day.? What..? Brassed off, what’s that mean. Brassed Off the DVD, that’s what. Sure it’s ten years old.. at least.. but still brilliant. Yep, Postlethwaite — gottabe a Lancashire lad with a handle like that – batons the miners to band out Spaniard Joaquin Rodrigo’s Concierto.. second movement, that’s the one.. Aranjuez Con Tu Amor. And others. A DVD for the music alone.. aint too many like that! Hey, so impressed with the old feller’s enthusiasm was I that I would not mind someone requesting a play on air.. might cost an arm and a leg.. but so long as they’re yours.. 🙂 [Paul Hughes soloist, Grimethorpe the band]

Time to go.. sorry for being a little later this week.. but my parthenoway project has fairly begged I take advantage of the fine weather…

Keep up the good work wherever you are.. and one way or another remember I’ll be listening..

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