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Brevity being the soul of Wit..

September 16, 2009

If I may borrow from Shaw… a couple of items are in mind presently..

But first a joke – (excuse my announcing this fact since not everybody is attuned to my humor judging by the clamor arising at my previous post’s crack on the wisdom of women) – did you realise that the “variable speed” feature of the machine tool previously described was a Tory invention..? How do we know this.. answer: because you can posi-drive at a mere touch of the trigger — aka Labor unnecessary !!

Which sort of hinges to the political engineering evident in enzed these days… makeshift majorities… by minority mayhem.. and misleadings.. all the rage seemingly. Looks to Tom Farmer that the government likes the look of its ell-shaped recession.. in doing all the correct things to ensure this..

Overheard was commentary from one, Rod Oram, who in part struck me as being the sole remaining intelligence … pointing to so-called “intensity” models pertinent carbon trading being incompatible with major trading nations. But.. of course..if all a government has to do to overcome any proposals for the previous so-called ‘nanny state’ is to resurrect its own MANNY state.. then … boys will be boys…

Though you can bet boys and gals will be paying in the longer term.

Following my “amakudari” moment last post others have leaped to suggest a kiwikudari equivalent. New term, admittedly, though not without merit… given Gerry Brownlee’s rude lack of response to Ms Turei’s question in the House of recent times…

Time to go.. save that is a wee message from our latinate rhubarbarum to miz rhubarb, who he learned was agrowing well in brooklyn… geez.. how could she..? Now lemme tell you how rhubarb leaves stuck into the bottom of brassica(cabbages etc) trenches will do wonders for such crops in the topsoil. Barrier to lowlife.. if you have gotten the drift..

Oh yes, and re sprouts.. not, puh-lease DO NOT plant into nitrogen-rich soil.. they hate it..!

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