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Dread locked..

October 1, 2009

Bloody dreadful week.! Newswise.

Sensible and sentient folks engulfed in earthly matters, so much so in my case that what I’d wanted to blog about.. including that promise of mine from the last post, will have to wait. Wrong tone.. time, something

Earthquakes – has seaquakes made it to mentionable so as to perhaps distinguish them from the solid stuff.? – rise and destroy by wave and shaking Pacific lands and peoples. Tsunami for Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga—sudden, dramatic, devastating. Less than twentyfour hours later and doubtless accorded Ring of Fire territorial status, Sumatra.

The one delivering disaster to relatively small communities and wiping or washing out whole villages, the other to mayhem and most foul among dense centers of population..

As RNZ’s presenter of Morning Report was to put it, “Mother nature at her worst”.

Such a bloggable turn of phrase, for it so happens to touch the spot medical researcher, Winston, brought to mind in his excellent BBC dvd, The Human Body. During an episode on birth he makes utterly clear how mankind’s evolution is a totally natural process. Birth, each and every one both occupier of space and taker of time. Crucially, the space and time to deliver whatever flaws pre-exist and an immature progeny. Crucially, too, the utility of space and time for evolution’s solutions. Space and time writ large.

And just to make the case ( a fuller treatment mebbe later though certainly not/never during somber events etc) to date there is not much wit given to human design for mankind’s own good. What wit there is, however, holds out great hopes for the kind of change mankind itself and for itself, must responsibly opportune.

Yes, despite and even because of Nature at her worst..

Makes a fellow fractious.. does that worst. For example, how else might I explain a sense of author and historian James Belich having us on via kimalot recently with his utterances on economic boom/bust patterns over divers locations, and times. In fact, are they nothing more nor less than Darwinian ie evolutionary. Fixed, flawed, failing, more than fully thought through and implemented product of the educated human brain..?

Fractious.. can’t bring myself to so much as tell a joke.. to celebrate another informative broadcast regarding solar power. Though fractious does have me signal adequate explanation in respect of capital upfront residential installation. The lady said $18K(Aus) for her/their daily 3kW. Early adopters, she appealed. Making of heroes .. or Watt..? Consider, please do, how buyers of new autos are early adopters. Their premium loss quite likely to hit $18K and more just for taking the vehicle home. And added to with all further use. Whereas onsite solar utility makes for premium positive. Installed and all the way.

Fractious.. tell yourself to stick with the knitting.. wind your head in.. whatever. Beats the inertia… and stunning.. of events writ large..

So in this dread locked state I’ll bid you farewell.. for now. Keep up the good work*

* Nice tip re onions and botrytis on Country Life. Bet you did not plan this week’s rain though..

And the welcome return of private eye, Guy Noir, playing Wednesday evening along with his Lake Woebegone takes..

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