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From Locks to Lakes..

October 9, 2009

Last post (last week) I plucked up courage to assert the colorful context of natural foul. Well heard it was, round and about.

This week we move from locks to lakes. So to say. For the jumping of puddles belongs to the past, the skirting of ponds to the present and if this beee-rain keeps on (came with a forecast of snow) most of my crops will be swimming outta here before they even get to grow..aka no future by way of sodding more than sodden!

So, said to ourselves, look elsewhere. As well we did. For as all auris know forecast for the market at ten-sixty (overnight) hit the spot. Now for all you brighter bulbs, tell me what if anything recent Pacific eventing would have to do with that price..?
Yeah, it may help to know in the words of one Bill Clinton, it is “economics stupid!” Ask yourself so where’s the short..? And consider old-timer earthquakers on vertical and/or horizontal ‘plate’ movements..

Incidentally, though the media (RNZ overheard) niftily caught onto the significance of seismology expertise the responders appeared more concerned to protect their good name.. pendulum people.. like under(response)/over(response. Kids chorus: ding dong.. tick tock.. when they gunna pick da lock. Oh boy..

Quelle surprise..! One of the guys was asked make a submission on the ETS. Backstory goes something like this.. Remember Porridge..? TV series.. Ronnie Barker cellmates with young Beckinsale at HM Slade Prison. In one episode Becks fancies himself a champion boxer for his wing (of the prison).. and then of the prison by knocking over other wingers. Now for the fun.. betting’s on.. among thugs and hoods, two of whom like to win “by controlling the fight”. Barker’s soon in the middle.. backing his boy but getting the nudge he take a dive in the third round. Up it comes.. the money’s on.. this thug versus that thug and the guys are lacing gloves on the night when we learn how Becks’ opponent gotta dive too. Huh..huh we all go.. whatza gunna happen..? Shudduppa face! (That’s Luigi folks!) So.. the ref calls them together and they start dancing about the ring.. each soon taking a single swing.. that lands.. whereupon (per the script) they both go down and get counted out.. Later Barker explains.. all bets off.. hoods fooled.. Jail = lockup + lockdown..

ETS — first we had the well-consulted though partisanly-backed Labor scheme. Then the National thing.. for those other partisans. Overall the equation looked science + enzed politics = enzed political science. In the ring of Recession.

After which we can borrow from Clinton again. Saying: “It’s DIY stupid!”

That plus news out of Los Angeles..

This week’s Governors’ Global Climate Summit was all about creating momentum going into Copenhagen and demonstrating the critical role of sub-nationals — the state, provincial and regional leaders who will implement an estimated 50-80 percent of the international reduction targets set.

The leaders wrapped up their three-day summit with declarations, statements and pledges to pursue cleaner transportation methods, urging their national governments to include forest protection in any climate deal at Copenhagen, and offering technical assistance on low-carbon development in developing countries.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest took to the floor to tell the audience: “When they write the story from Rio to Kyoto to Copenhagen, a big part of the story of the change from Kyoto to Copenhagen will be the leadership role of sub-nationals,” he said. “We did not wait for our national governments to move.”

NZ’s Minister Nick looks to us like he’s still waiting for the put option.

That has already been put to avoid staying put. Recall the banks.. recession-causing money lock. All over the place. So minnick is looking like he’d keep things that way. Good thing I’d say he isn’t staffing the NZRB right now 🙂

Brighter, I’m looking forward to better skies, iplot and seeds selection/s. Along with kimalot’s programmed Dante warmup.

BTW, thanks to folks seeing my premium positive point on the solar installation money last post. To others who suggested I “gettan education” for not using the word ‘negative’ in opposed argument, I thank you for disclosing your personal mindset more than blog-reader motivation.

Until next time.. (keep up the good work)..

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