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Blue Skies and how-to lies…

October 15, 2009

Better skies we have gotten this week. Blue in the main, some puffy white cloud around, the gray burned off early in the day. Spots of rain. Welcome I’m sure. Around here. Elsewhere rain the moreso and equally welcome.. drought-busting I’m told.

Can I pose a question prior to blogging several observations relating to life and events in enzed..? The question is broader than this wee place or its inhabitants are likely ever to contemplate. Though I should say with likes of Lloyd Geering and Sea of Faith folks along with Paul Morris who commendably attempts illuminate religious matters once a month (or so) on RNZ’s (Brian Crump hosted) Nights radio programme, this is not for want of trying. But I know it as an important question, and would like you to know it, too.

The question is: If forgiveness is the hallmark of christianity what other has the hallmark of punishment.?

I have my own answer from the days of poiros. [pursuit of intelligent research on spirituality.. yes a precursor path had taken its ‘s’ to mean science] Interestingly, to my knowledge only two distinct bodies ever showed enough interest to ask what poiros meant. They were The Atomic Scientists(US) and host of RNZ’s kimalot. Back in the day, so to say. Halleluja.! For one answer dispensed.

Your turn. To answer. To yourselves. Friends, associates, even multitudes..

How can I help, assist, perhaps guide this valuable pursuit. With all due respect I would say that my experience of the SOF network will not bring folks a simple response or answer. Past works, thinkers, academics aplenty, forthright answers few. If any. At all. Paul Morris might touch upon it. By person. In person. Howsoever. Given opportunity.

Last weekend the ladies (Kim & Kate Camp(ph)) took to Dante’s Divine Comedy. Kate was of the view that the work has precious little comedy though lots of uglies, if I heard her correctly. She sounds like an image-oriented gal. She read an (English) passage from it and promptly declared “90 percent irrelevant.. all he had to say was..” Such confidence, aplomb (tho I’m pretty sure she would despise that male-type word). More to the point, however, was no regard to the likely fact of Dante knowing the irrelevance to future readers. Yes, actually knowing and thus deliberately overdressing the piece concerned. Why? Good question. As indeed we might ask well how come this thing was “Divine” and “Comedy”. Cutting to the chase, as it were, allow me suggest the first as resourced in the Gospel of John, chapter one, verse one. And the second ensuing deliberate overuse of words as his comic streak in action…

Point being made (tho I’m pretty sure bright bulbs will be shining their light aright already) how the unknown often sources what we more commonly put down to spirituality. An excellent, current and well-crafted movie example of this exists in The Reckoning. Drama set in the Middle Ages, sharp acting from Paul Bettany(Nicholas) with Willem Dafoe, Matthew MacFadyen and Gina McKee in support. And, for me and the above issues, standout was Nicholas and Lord de Guise(Cassels) dialogue toward the end. They suggest to us a third way. Which has its price. In fact and practice.

A price – human price – whose acting (dark dangerous secret it must be held up to bear no other disclosure) harks back in its way to none other the larger than life Orson Wells.

See this and like myself you may find pity for Newton who railed against bible “changes” and “omissions” – doubtless out of his then English peers’ so-called flawed interpretation/s of the word. And God, it’s author. Oh yes, devout was the young Isaac, and yes, too, for him much more than the Latin monopoly of his time. A great Orthodox devotee. Least mentioned. Of course. Though I’d hasten to add how fame would tame memory of him for the better. Word and life craft wise.

In this a week of words…

We learned how “responsible” deems government ministerial behavior bad. In the Maori TV leadership pertaining World Cup rugby rights issue. To the financially-minded the PM’s “responsible” description/allocation may be taken to define mere rights; obligations being the more tradeable – aka moneymaking – aspect since obligation/s often imposes immediate exchange. Yet to avoid taint of any association whatsoever, the word “positive” stepped up to the plate. For batting around. After all, “coalition”s and “confidence” within sight of the Ring of Recession could sure use air time.

And lest we forget, minnick hit yet another hallmark ticket of his own (yep, diy scooterists and bikers have been victimised by collaborationistas — look, minnick, the physios—ya wanna score bigtime then have your boy – aka Judge Jeffreys dué – face the real goal when he shoots!

So.. it’s goodbye from him… and goodbye from… (I’m Hare hunting Sat—the intrigue is kimakilla stuff.. :-)). Yeah, I know I’ve missed a lotta things out here… but this long is too long…ta-ta for now..

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