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Cites from Sore Eyes..

October 23, 2009

Yes, that’s me I’m afraid.. sore eyes.. and now, getting late in the week I’m also really out of time for the more fullsome blog treatment..

Still, the overheard ( substituting for sight y’understand) for sore eyes has come by way of enzed’s political stage finding players willing define their respective pov.. and likely actions… intentions. Whatever, an improvement on the guarded and somewhat too stealth-laden – very stilted IYAM – tactics of recent times. One partisan lot for serious study re competition intra-state monopoly regarding the provision of accident compensation, treatment, rehab and such; the other (opponents) for retaining sole state monopoly. The latter you’d mebbe expect holding a great advantage of ‘bulk’ provision whereby costs and prices could be controlled.. though not it transpires via government coalition parties the goal of repatriating ACC paid recipients with their workplace. Yes, I recognise in this claim a certain capacity for existing ACC ’empire-builders’ to go build.. and service providers to perpetually tread their ‘what taxpayers willingly payeth they shall take away’ path to the banks, which is my excuse for curtailing such opportunity..

Bulk buying.. now there’s something: Minister Ryall(ph) – Health – looks to me like the only guy so far who knows a PUT when he operates one. District Boards – do they really operate democratically, efficiently, or serve buffer zone on formerly manipulative senior clinical staff. Of whom there is accuracy in alleging how it is not (holding) power that counts so much as influence. Such ‘chains’ have been broken of course and I’d figure need of efficiency runs paramount today. At least that IS the financial ‘market’ why and wherefore of put.

Thanks to all the darls referencing last week’s blog. GK@HC(PBA via BC’s Nights) mentionable for his neat word-to-words joke. Good show! Most always is. The folks here for upping apostrophic content.. and..

David Suzuki came on to say:

“And the punishment will be visited on our children and on their children through a world that is unrecognisable, perhaps uninhabitable.”

You can easily guess what he was talking about… and to whom.

Move on, Tom, move..!

That particular link relates to mingroser as the Indonesian rep of enzed at the Presidential Inauguration. One recognises the need for official state relationships.. less noted, however, is a certain global industry’s need of ‘name’ accounts. We might henceforth think of the one cultivating the other.. yep, a kind of bureaucratic beatup for private (business) opportunities. And whether democracy ought be used for such purposes.. NIce would be a taker of opportunity for the said Rep, like fighting the kiwi Tropdoc corner for instance. Tsunami devastated country could use this guy’s chopper to supply sustenence and skilled surgical care in no-passable-road destinations.

For incoming news-seekers, a timely link of the week.

Last word: I hear Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, is on record to cut US Navy oil use by 50 percent by 2020. And boy, do they have a bigtime use in more than a shipping fleet. An economics thing, he was reported to add, oil and geopolitics is big costs… so there! .

So it is goodbye from him.. and ta-ta from (next time I’m hoping make a start on the Advantage Play theme.. that is to say operating in a state of perpetual advantage.. ie who do this.. with what result/s.. and where’s better coming from.. meantime keep up the good work..

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