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What the Greenback is Doing… for whom..

October 29, 2009

Been on a long slide.. has the US buck… but with plenty of it around there had to be more than little or lesser value to be found..

And – surprise surprise – it turned up in Asia. Though not the longer term growth nation, China.

Korea, that’s who. With latest data showing annual growth close to 11 percent. So how.. how come.. haven’t they been recessionary like everyone else.! Yes, but further back it seems. Then the South is a potential industrial giant. Whose far back woes were well on the way to winning back when the latest global hiccup hit home..

Now for specifics to make the point.. headlining..
Cash For Clunkers a Trojan Horse for Lesser Known Brands

with lede.. Korea’s Hyundai and its sibling Kia Motors recently reported strong results, driven in part by the US cash for clunkers and other car scrappage schemes. The figures were + 27 percent on the year.. and clearly strong among others for the overall attainment mentioned above..

Having gotten to overhear an RNZ raconteur the other morning I feel I should comment on the awful flaw this fellow included in his talk though others like Mr Nicolson(ph) (a farmer’s leader I understand) failed to take in. Likely with selective hearing loss, if there is such a thing.

Clive James(?) is witty – one wonders here whether he is related to the earlier kiwi comedian Billy T. James(BTW Billy gets a workout on kimalot Saturday morn). As a raconteur you could expect a smile or two when he comes on with a story spiced as the “golfball potato crisp”. Yep, fyi, this recounts a golfball landing in the potatoes which are about to be sliced prior to conveyance to the oven(crisper) — there being several machines to undertake selection and slicing ignorant of the golfball fact. CJ delights listeners by telling how this ball yields “18 slices” which then get wholly lost in further processing including packaging and presumably unedible digestive consumption..

End of humor. Oh yes, there’s nothing like upping audience interest with humor so as to reach the ‘prepaid for’ piece. Of “respectable” skepticism (not denialism, oh no, CJ doen’t like that!) versus climate change and in particular human causation of it.

CJ then goes on to premise his objection/s with a direct reference and comparison of climate change to the holocaust. Stating how one can accept the holocaust because “it happened”. Climate change..? The skeptic infers has not happened, therefore… (it does not exist or agencies and proponents of its existence are somewhat overwrought, unreliable etc).

The flaw I mentioned relates to timing as much as anything else. How does CJ know that the holocaust happened. And more particularly when.? Answer: after the event.

We should be so lucky that human survival can afford so dreadful a loss…?

Yet honest and forthright comparison thus requires CJ actually know of climate change occurring likewise — after the event!
By which time CJ’s relevance in respect of this unfolding and dangerous (not to mention just as meaningful) activity will have ceased to exist. Whilst the unfolding reality falls to others with faith and trust in the honest endeavors of climate scientists and scientific record. With regard to advising humanity do something now and in the future in its own interests.

In a word, the topic amounts to an easy hit for this guy. And, in light of likely compensation/s from celebrity and weak-minded audiences amounts to the irresponsible use of talents and time.

Skeptic, go for it, by all means, the independent voice, but don’t use it to deliberately mislead and misinform.

Oh yes, and ignorance is no defense. In more than likely legal action futures. Loss after all, has a justifiable habit of seeking redress.

A point worth adding for Mr Nicolson’s sake.. He it appears has trotted out a string of equally irrelevant episodes .. was it global cooling..? SARS..? and.. and… all, he firmly announced couched in “the end is nigh” language.

News to me.. how about you? Or are we in point of fact, seeing the said claimant hung on his own petard (of being the protagonist he attacks the media for.) Do his followers recognise this..?

Government Minister Bill English is on record describing this fellow as a sensible and intelligent advocate.. electorate resident to boot.. and with clear inference, a personal friend. I for one should hate to have to ‘taint’ my recollections of the Minister as associated with such questionable advocacy…

Time to go.. and ta-ta from(Advantage Play.. time for.. soon.. several glass-half-full speakers overheard and such prior) keep on the good work.. asking questions listeners hear the answers to.. )

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