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Eminently Sensible..

November 3, 2009

A title inspired by Steve Colbert’s crack to Jim Rogers, Duke Energy’s CEO, at the weekend. Sayeth he: “Does clean coal mean clean lung?”

For the record Jim handled this very well indeed, but don’t tell too many people I said so..

So.. the inspiration was and pertains to the fellow overheard this morning from an enzed Institute or other (was it Clark with an ‘e’ or without) who correctly suggested that the country could do so little in regard to climate change – added to which he or someone else in the Morning Report coverage pointed out too much time was being given to “climate change” and not enough to atmospheric and water pollution. Significantly, from what I heard, minnick has been backing this boy and/or his et als all along. A point of view to be included along with all the other guys’ pov, said he. I kid you not—minnick might try—but not me. Because why—because minnick the decider!

Yep, it figures. Received wisdom is how climate change is global, its solution/s local. In today’s enzed we find how climate change is local and its solutions someone elses. They figure don’t they on outflanking any real action with excuses about costing too much. Too hard! The problem is herd methane, not carbon dioxide. Can’t do for methane so do nothing..

Which non-farming economies can do something about. And will.

Operating on prevailing realities that they are. Of a still major economy or several whose law recognises carbon dioxide as both able and capable of being an atmospheric pollutant. qv US Supreme Court(2007). Also check out the US EPA for its C-producer guidelines etc.

Thus the inspiration responsibly amounts to recognising likely auto and truck fleet fouling and legislating its pollution down to attain both goals. Eminently sensible for either/or.

Allow me pose a question. Arising from no discernible voice or advocacy on the matter. One hears the mingroser posi-pumping line of enzed supplying vital food growth global market. Fair enough.. for a pumper.. yet if the reality of land-loss takes place per the said atmospheric pollution equally real will be fewer people, fewer mouths to feed, more fevers and feverish.. conflicts of opposite substance and intention. Has this been considered. Or am I assuming the former’s wish-list alone is in play. And how might a world in different reality respond to a do little (or next to nothing) trading nation?

Time for a break.. heh. Anyone play Melbourne to day? You did cover the CrimeScene. With such a Shocking scene? You did—great! You didn’t.. ohhh no-ooo! Racing.. the turf.. everyone’s a winna.. talk about crime pays.. I didn’t get the odds but placing at ten-to-one or better would have cleaned up.. [Thanks to Mary Wilson(Checkpoint) for the live race take.. well called.. ]

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