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Today: the Question Is..?

November 12, 2009

This morning I was stirred into listening to a former Financial Commission (enzed) panel member. Apparently she had resigned over her employer company being criticized in a recently published Consumer (Association or Society ?) report.

On air she somewhat too forthrightly declared her THIS mantra. FYI it goes like.. Consumer is out of its depth… this(finance companies let alone her contrib) is not washing machines… this is not light bulbs… this is not insurance companies.. whatever.. — my point is served via examples — to arrive at the final THIS.

Being my own observation entirely of how her attitude revealed: This IS about financial elitism. Self-imposed ivory towers, capable of answering only to themselves. Assuming they have answers and presuming outsiders do not.

And my question for today is: How can there be public trust when the lore of moneymaking has a demonstrable goal of bust?

Have a nice day Canterbury.. do the bright.. and earlier.. back to the car as expected clouds roll up.

As for the remainder – hopeless way to describe you lot I know – take a peak at the newbie S&T whose follow up to the very first blog there will appear highly pertinent I am told. Mebbe a weekend read.. get your head straight.. etc.

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