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Capability for the absurd..

November 16, 2009

Overheard sourcing a news item fairly recently was occasion for me to quieten some, consider turnoff. A rarity I can assure you. But when one knows that entities with a capability for the absurd are afoot, as it were, well.. questions surface about well, who the heck is directing this kind of thing..

Okay, the clues are a corporation, four letters, the addition of ‘y’ to which may make it more interesting on occasion.

And the answer is:—

Rand Corporation to the U.S. military put the “war to save the market” with great power war – google translation from prime chinese source,

h/t: georgewashington@nakedcapital who, helpfully, adds a likely backstory rationale: However, “military Keynesianism” – using military spending to stimulate the economy – has been U.S. policy for half a century. And the economist who coined that term said that such a policy always and “inexorably” leads to “an actual war” in order to justify all of the military spending.

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