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FYI.. (Could begin the Main Street Journal)

November 18, 2009

The Chinese are hiring.. in Arizona.. for making solar panels.. be quick..!

President Obama issued an executive order Tuesday establishing a multi-agency task force to crack down on financial fraud. Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FETF). WEll done the Business segment @ RNZ’s Morning Report for picking this one up. Yeah, I know, figured it funny(anti-statist to the core!), but the US move is hardly aimed at them.

Angelides factor — says — “Clean energy isn’t a mirage. It’s the fastest growing industrial sector in the United States. It is already generating $25 billion a year in sales and revenue, with almost no support from the federal government”. Then there’s more.. and yes you do want to know about this.

Seed banks need a further $250 million to preserve all varieties of food crops including those which may best survive future climate changes, the Global Crop Diversity Trust said Wednesday for Reuters(London)

Democrats in the Senate want to use remaining money from TARP to provide small businesses with easier access to credit along Main Street, aid foreclosured homeowners, do infrastructure etc. Always a willing pryer the WSJ is ramping the story up as a split between Dems and PBO, declaring the President wants to cut deficit. Looks more like that’s what they want. Anyone for a Main Street Journal..?

An enzed feature in the puzzle, but first the context..

  • Banks are in for downgrades to their hybrid bonds following a change in the methodology used by Moodys Investors Services.
  • Standard & Poor’s will quit the Australian retail market, limiting its advice to wholesale investors after Australia’s corporate watchdog said it would make ratings agencies more accountable for the advice they give.
  • Real Capital Analytics(NY) report the credit crisis has driven $138 billion worth of U.S. commercial properties into default, foreclosure or debt restructuring
  • Moodys commercial realty indices show commercial real estate prices have plunged 41 percent since October 2007.
  • Enzed’s Hanover Finance after suffering losses from commercial exposure looks right in line with the above. And some.

Which point would reasonably explain why Hanover owners would flip into a ‘white knight’s’ equity. Could be problematic in terms of present Hanover investors wanting out with a shirt on their backs, the Allied equity price and likely long (strong) pressure on what one would hope are deep pockets. Which, I have to say, flies against the company spokesperson overheard this morning.

But then, and in part reason for the above commentary, knowledge can be relative and, dependent upon its sources, not always relevant or pertinent o one’s decision making.

As a postscript, one thought pertains to backstory: who or whom sewed up the greatest benefit(for real, not imagined).. and thus at whose expense. Yep, these redemption risk times are tough. And most cookies vulnerable to promises promises.

Point of interest: has an preferred agency or schedule been tipped for a spot to provide likely farmer loan needs per Fontera equity buyout?

Til next time..

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