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November 20, 2009

More China in the shop — China-based A-Power’s new deal to build a $50 million wind turbine factory in the United States is about helping America meet its surging demand for wind power.

A move away from the “CEO as hero” model toward a more diversified team approach with greater focus on corporate responsibility and risk governance is in process across the corporate sector. Netherland’s many co-operatives have been cited (ie Rabobank in financial services) and Barclays – with a central corporate leadership model – focussing on governance as much else is left to its divisions.

Mark Tan (strategist) @ Goldman Sachs — “There is no dollar-funded ‘carry bubble’. ” We await Nouriel Roubini’s return shot..or not.

After discovering nearly a million users had modified their consoles to play pirated games via the Xbox live service, Microsoft gave them the boot from the service and now the modified consoles are making their way onto the market by the hundreds, with more likely to follow.

And of course you want to know who is America’s worst CEO. You do y’know 🙂

Yes, the tone has changed at the USCC. Now for the tune.. Yet in regard to the first we can add that former USCC members have joined with others per —

Major corporations in the U.S. have shown an increased willingness to voluntarily reduce their impact on climate change despite a sluggish economy, according to a new scorecard produced by the nonprofit group Climate Counts. Eighty-one of the 90 major companies assessed saw an average increase of 22 percent from last year’s scorecard. Companies incl. Apple, Nike, Starbucks, General Electric, HP, IBM, Unilever foods, UPS, and L’Oreal. The scorecard was developed with oversight from an independent panel of business and climate experts from universities and non-governmental groups.

and next.. to Sport..

Uruguay have qualified for the 2010 World Cup following a 1:1 draw with Costa Rica; Uruguay won on a 2:1 aggregate when they won 1:0 on Saturday. — Wikinews.

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