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FYI..(incl. MSJ section)

November 22, 2009

Talk about volatile shifts and shapings these past 3-4 days in respect of all matters global for Main Streeters like you folks..
Today and very much into catch up — off we go then into our second week…

Reasonable people can disagree about how bad global warming will eventually be if nothing is done, and some of the doomsday scenarios might well be overblown. But virtually all climate scientists concur that it’s a dire enough threat that the wise course of action is to sharply curb use of carbon-based fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.” — USA Today editorial board per JR @ CP

OH yes, you’ll want to know how the “worst American CEO” is also on board UNP Making for an oh so smaller corporate travel worldly for global goals.. of coarse(sic)

Skimming in process, so to say, we learn from kiwi business journo Rod Oram(Sunday Star-Times) — Fonterra and other big emitters have used their clout to silence the Business Council for Sustainable Development from commenting on National’s proposed changes to the emissions trading scheme. Not true is it guys..? I mean to say Mr. Harris(Fontera), Oram’s gotta a lotta skin in the game. Too.

And gee I missed this! Just as well Peter Griffin@sciblog did not.

On the Money.. aka Main Street Journal

Pinnacle, a Blackstone Company, to Buy Birds Eye Foods. The all-cash deal is worth $1.3 billion. Birds Eye is majority-owned by Vestar Capital Partners, a private equity firm. (Reuters) Convergent cometh.. quicker when you are broke.

Goldman Sachs now has 272 Managing directors.. Didn’t know? — well I can tell you there’s no getting away from it!

And so to FOD (feature of the day)..

Sadly I can’t recall who was very curious about big “supercomputer” installations in Riyadh, BUT Delaware’s Senator Kaufman told SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro to take immediate steps to combat manipulative high frequency trading algorithms and end so-called “sponsored access,” which Kaufman and many market experts believe exposes the U.S. capital markets to systemic risk. Sponsored access permits traders – many of which are <b>unregulated hedge funds</b> – to trade directly on an exchange, circumventing risk checks that apply to broker-dealer trades. Then again, they could be for bigbro paranoid-type behavior control (“there you Go” Motl and the denier corps climbed all over Germany’s Schellnhuber personal budget notion on this one – hey they say, ya gotta reject personal responsibility, too)

Standout Coverage..

Wikinews told how parts of the English Lake District in county Cumbria suffered severe flooding Thursday last, with forecasters predicting further rain. To date six severe forecasts have been issued. Congrats to RNZ’s Saturday news team for picking up on this item, too. Plus the follow through of Morning Report, Monday, covering on the spot with a rich mellifluous local journo whose only failing was in not relating that the big town bridge suspended from usage was over the River Derwent. Of course, locals knew that. Now so do we..

AND.. so to sport..

  • Scotland ended a 27-year losing streak against Australia as an awesome defensive performance set up victory over the Wallabies at Murrayfield.
  • And yes, fresh from their Italian nightmare plays the All Blacks trounced England at Twickenham at the weekend.

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