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November 29, 2009

Third week.. and after a shock or two(you’ll see) elsewhere still at it..

Darwin’s On the Origin of Species is a Sagittarian, too.(published 150 years ago last week, November 24, 1859)

Aussie, where loss potential is the growing number — Australian CEO departures ‘spiked in 2008’ 22.3% local CEO turnover rate significantly higher than any other country. h/t: BizSpec TF says (tongue-in-cheek) mebbe they are coming to kiwi to feather their futures prospects with Douglas’s olde killer app of flat tax at 20-25 percent. Great for investment it would have been, but of course had it not been constrained in the most timely manner by a gent threatening resign if pursued kiwis would all be in the same mess just everyone(including the czechs and slovaks—do not be fooled by free marketeer claims bcos these countries are pretty dependent on exports to Europe) in the world is right now.

“Professor Ernst” has an email for you.. and YOU.. and all of you. Hilarious!

Further to news of India’s decadal billions into solar energy R&D, Julian Wong follows through on the new tide

Jeddah rescuers informed Reuters to report — Forty-eight people have died in the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah following the heaviest rainfall in years. Update: Wikinews head counts 77 dead and more information for folks to catch up on..

Japan’s exports fell at their slowest annual rate in a year in October, indicating the country is emerging from recession.

Positive intent out of Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, billions for developing countries to get their climate change impact stuff together. Sweetness and light! Tho did you know about the Harper harpoon. The last thing he and his et als(incl our top bloke) would wanna let on 🙂

MSJ — On the Money..

Insight One — The post Bretton Woods dollar regime created by Nixon in 1971 is shaking hard, trembling the foundations of a world currency system based on financial engineering, empire, and oil.[HT nakedcapital]

Lloyds TSB shareholders were “mugged” when the bank agreed to buy HBOS last year without knowing that the stricken lender was being propped up by a secret £25bn loan, Jim Cousins(Labor MP), said Wednesday. Alistair Darling, the chancellor, was forced on to the back foot as he gave a Commons statement explaining the decision to keep secret the combined £61.6bn of emergency funds to HBOS and RBS.

Dubai shocked investors midweek by asking for a debt standstill at Dubai World, the emirate’s flagship holding company and developer of some famously extravagant real estate projects. The move raised the spectre of default in the Middle East’s trading hub. Sovereign CDS spreads have been widening since the news, crude futures fell 5 percent, Treasury futures inverted, and spot gold offloaded at least $50/ounce.(darn!), Conundrum: why is London’s lead(Pb) down too. Could it be something to do with heaviside layers.. (or is this catscrap!) ps: Is Japan flogging off yen yet, and what about the Swiss National bank.. Go figure!

In 2008, China produced 9 million ounces of gold, exceeding all other countries. Further, its production continues to rise, while many of the top-producing countries are in decline. So who is buying the stuff if the chinese like silver purchasing..? Short answer: they are. Under direction from their political bosses. Now there’s a U-wish, eh Gerry!

Kiwi FOD (Feature of the Day)..

Proving how this Minister can put sharp ideas up for his people. Though the best his coalition partners can muster is a review. Guess they gotta talk to corporate food distributor mates first.. for how to say no later on. That said, and regardless offshore agricultural lobbyists claptrap about organic food production(ignore the quality, it needs more land to produce) this government could use getting back closer to the people and realising the potential of DIY growing..

And oh Kim was the Peter Hunter Intw nice. Lovely understated quality guy, but I have a question for the professor: how highly would he rate computational discretion—Getting nitty gritty or not?

Now for Sport..
Not golf, not even clubbed windscreens(tire blowout, riiight!) but rockets. Two went up, one did not. So far..

  • Rocket one FOR Pakistan at Dunedin Saturday, when Danny boy was compensated for his 99 by a sharp match win.
  • Rocket two the All Blacks FOR running the French off their Marsielles park.
  • Rocket three FROM me to thee for all the hoo-hah about a so-called real thing frozen to its fuel input pipe in a bloke’s backyard.

Fancy sending a staffer to report what turned up at best a good laugh…

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