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November 30, 2009

Despite economic uncertainty, the biggest global corporations are investing 3-5 percent of annual revenues in clean tech solutions, and they are poised to invest more, according to an Ernst & Young survey

Dig of the day: did you know that over the entire life of a bulb, from manufacturing to disposal, the energy used for incandescent bulbs is almost five times that of LED lamps. And the shovel is..

Responsible & Sustainable are the two words we all need implement. Here’s how..

Peru formally concluded a joint free trade agreement with Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Update: a breakout of BIS(Bank of International Settlements) UAE creditor figures:—

  • United Kingdom: $50.2 billion
  • France: $11.3 billion
  • Germany: $10.6 billion
  • United States: $10.6 billion
  • Japan: $ 9.0 billion
  • Switzerland: $ 4.6 billion
  • Netherlands: $ 4.5 billion

(h/t: credit suisse )

And no, nothing available on Aussis. Though I am advised CBA is exposed to Dubai World but has “no worries” about it.

Then again economist John Quiggin on a different front says..

“… if Turnbull loses, there are credible suggestions he might move to the cross-benches and stay on, perhaps attracting some followers. The appeal for moderate Liberals would not be that such a party would have good long-term prospects but that they are multiply doomed if they stay with the sinking ship. First, most moderates are in marginal urban seats that are likely to be lost. Second, those that survive will have no prospects for advancement in a regime where Hockey (while he lasts) is the puppet of Minchin and Abbott. And finally, advancement is of little use in a party that looks set to be out of office for a decade or so. For those who believe in the necessity of tackling climate change, and can see the difference between Turnbull’s willingness to take a stand and the prevarication and vacillation of Hockey and Abbott, a third party might be the shot. If they somehow survive the election, the Libs would be forced to take them back sooner or later, on their own terms.

Kiwis want trade growth — then you sort transport emissions. New international evidence.. their point:—

The growth of trade itself, however, is likely to contribute to growing emissions associated with transport.

Kiwi FOD.. (some sport and the spirit of laughter included)

Tip-Top icecream – pack volume down to 1.6 liters(from 2liter): priced the same. What’s the story here? – – Is it believable or not.? I mean hey when minnick spelled out ‘lost asset’ compensations for corporate Maori et al they (corporate) did at least venture a backstory on why (Jim Mora’s RNZ panel segment), which deftly left the fact/fiction option in place. So now why can’t Tip-Top.? [ps: ColinPeacock @ mediawatch: is this the kinda local kiwi stuff you had in mind.? BTW: are you related to actor and most everything else, Trevor Peacock?]

As all known from the weekend rugby open running play is the name of the game for winners. Rather more for-the-few winners is what occupies the guy here . [h/t: pundit Beatson in a well-constructed, informative and recommended piece of reading. ]

With fast-follower status apparent and sustaining our laughter spirit their goal I give YOU.. and you… and you all – the merrriment of “Mycroft”.

ta-ta for now

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