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All the More Remarkable..

December 20, 2009

That folks who en masse both supported and voted constitutional democracy writ large should lose sight of what that would come to mean for the planet. In a phrase: away with the mob*, bring on mobility.

RNZ gnashional – blessem – have a geared version of events @CoP15, both interesting and amusing to hear its contributors along with their various claims. Gotta stay with the game.. eh John. And the “better” way for that is not to mention or attribute claimed “progress” as sourced elsewhere, and likely penned there, too.

Advisory if I may: stump up with the written words signed off else do not embarrass folks with what at best can be termed cover stories.

* Simon Upton may care to recall how bloody awful the process was back in the 90s. So why did it remain, indeed worsen. Answer: silos.

PS: msge from a dear friend: — beached, resting @ bach.. next deck the halls.. then invites.. YOU will come. Eo E amore.

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