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Midday — When the Question is..?

February 16, 2010

Will this high profile case make worldwatch… or not..

With copy like..

The indictment said accomplices will join him on trial in Beijing, without naming them.
Two senior police officials have been accused of bribery in connection with the case.
The trial will be watched closely by the business community in Beijing. It will be the highest profile case yet involving a private entrepreneur in China.
Opinion polls in the state controlled media suggest many Chinese are suspicious of those who have made a great deal of money during China’s economic reforms, believing them to be corrupt.

It should. Still the question of balance in reporting.. and fairness.. are at issue. Aren’t they, Hurun asks Worldwatch.

And why? Well, aussie resident (but born and bred kiwi) scientist, Bob Carter, was given large and first opportunity at slamming his latest global warming denialist position the other day. Listeners have to ask as a result:—

1. How come he was introduced as a scientist switching camps and joining the Australian Opposition party position on climate change, when in fact Bob Carter has for a very long time been anti-AGW. There was no switch.. simply a resurfacing from the denialist swamp. Back for the latest fashioning you might say.

2. How come his politically aligned views were given preference over clear scientific, if not entirely transparent, opinion? Why, in the utterances about global warming being so “slight” as to be “lost” in “natural variability” were the sources of such opinion not revealed. They were entirely credible.

The Washington Post after all, as Owen McShane(a kiwi pundit of influence to like-minded), ran against Nixon in the Watergate matter. A claim, one senses, to integrity by association of the publication’s past actions. But in fact on this occasion, not so much integrity as association to selected talk points in the reporting.

About Jeff Masters’s response to Doctor Joe Romm concerning the latter’s least mention of natural variability pertinent atmospheric temperature. On air Masters stressed this as a factor not to be dismissed. But as stated without reference by Carter (on the worldwatch clip) the most important factor so as to eliminate sustained temperature rise data.

Sadly for Carter, worldwatch and misled listeners, no mention of Doc Masters’ confirmation that global warming is occurring and in addition to natural variability.

So take that Carter, all the credulous aussis and kiwiside McShane et als.

As for you know who, and because I have a lot of time for this broadcaster — hi Simon, heard ya today, howse things? — let’s say I’ll put this slip down as unintended consequences and hope the error has shot its LD50(well past half-life and negligible further emittance).

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