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Small.. and humored.. Reflection..

February 21, 2010

Often times I am asked about postmodernism and modernism..

In brief notes I try stress why Postmodernism came along in some attempt at superceding the societal strictures, corporate harshness and authoritarianism of Modernist attitudes and practices.

A people thing.. basically about how one’s freedom ought be lived.

In recent decades the politicization of this in the USA has led to largely conservative backlash upon others perceived liberal. The former retaking, as it were, modernist position/s upon postmodernists.

Today CP put up a Tom Tomorrow cartoon from 2007. For their own reasons, of course, but it so happens to also serve up — punchline bottom right — this politicization process in topical terms.

A process which IMO goes some way to expressing the how of Brian Crump’s (Nights @ RNZ, last Monday’s interview with David Suzuki — ipod available I reckon) need for an answer for why the anti-science crows had so very suddenly proliferated their brooding ignorance upon the planet’s populace at large.

H/T: RNZ (Encounters, Saturday evening, which replayed the interview) and CP

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