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March 30, 2010

Guys like Tim Groser, whois repping for Trade in the NZ government is his incessant message for FTAs and globalization.

Some might think of him as an oppo to the former labor government’s beat on the same topic.

I consider him one step up on that. But too cocky, too full of himself and his role/s. The world according to TG is grow grow and go-go. For always.

Anyway he came to mind yet again the other day with some obvious broadcast pride at the bilateral trade deal for sign off with Hong Kong. Road to China… the subliminal. Of course! Gotta grow, having “beaten” the Recession, and go-go a grow-grow

Yet there I was reading about Ed harrison who wrote the bestseller “Devil Take the Hindmost” and now has his considerable intellect focussed upon China. Which, in but two words, is suffering already from bubble trouble. And knowing not what to do (yet) with its huge riches — but buy overseas assets that is. Not commodities, assets.

Ed’s taking off from all accounts, his latest blog making appearance on wikinvest.. and thence… so. TG, if you are hearing about this – and you should – I’d advise you watch your back.

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