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CDO update 8: Dig and Ye shall go Deeper..

April 21, 2010

Overheard today was a fellow whom I’ll call <strike>I Wish</strike> @ MacQuarie Bank telling all who would listen to him on RNZ that GS would get off the fraud allegations made against it. What’s more, because the parties shared the same “room” it/they could only have known that John Paulson’s hedge fund was known to them. And thus KNEW what was going down. Namely themselves.! Yes, really. <strike>I Wish</strike> would have you believe.

Imagine..? What’s more, why not ask yourself what this fellow thinks he is about. In taking what at very best could only have been suspicion as actual knowledge.

Time to counter such nonsense with Mark Mitchell who does not need banker spin to knock over a cross-batter’s wickets.

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