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CDO: Update 10..

April 22, 2010

Levin—which Levin—they ask.

The Democrat from Michigan, I tell them. The guy whose been tough on Obama re matters financial in the recent past. Okay, here’s a quote to put a handle on this fellow FYI:—

“Some of the people around the president needed to be given a push.”

Levin has also sought to rescind many of the laws that led to deregulation. Chief among them: the 2000 Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which exempted the credit-default swaps that brought AIG—and much of the financial system—to the brink of meltdown. Goldman’s role in AIG’s near-meltdown also has been a subject of various government inquiries.

h/t: newsweek.. who touch on shoes.. droppings.. and such.. from the 27th (next week).

ps: and well done the rnz biz team for picking up on this item..

now lemme see, tomorrow it is kimalot and mebbe some refreshment after my hectic helluvah week from last Saturday’s metallic moundings.. and on through moldings.. feet up then, listen in.!

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