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Interval 2: Surging on..

April 23, 2010

In these harrowing times of war we have recently tuned into how surges in Afghanistan make for ‘we shall prevail’ truism. [ Remember that – Prez. G.W. Bush making his belligerent Vice, Cheney, almost human. BTW: a funny thing happened in Dallas the other day — yeah dubbya came out in favor of wind-power! ] Surges in that case being administered by the new PBO, and in Afghanistan unlike his predecessor’s underwhelmer in Iraq.

So.. surges.. can do it… can work..

And today we learn from the Guardian(UK) how the Brits have a surge of their own going on… new voters piling in to vote in the General Election FOR something different. Will this come to mean fingers to the other two political party runner, or, as Som Body was overheard to say better folks vote for than against either of the others.

Up the Democrats!

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