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May 31, 2010

I would not mind at all if you chose to ignore the two previous posts — file clearing that they were in this finagled effup whose stock price is looking as heavy as lead(Pb) and – gee don’t you wish it was and thus capable of stuffing their deep down dirty pipe last seen at 5000 feet below!

Anyways among the pearls was mention at last of what dispersant treated ocean-oil looks like.. qv RNZ’s Morning Report where Geoff I think it was played a clip from the BBC’s “Ocean” specialist.. Like plankton, he said, that is looks like plankton all hung up in the ocean at depths he had been diving to – ten meters I recall. No one knows what it is like further down, further in — that brave soul admitted to being on the edge of the ‘surface’ spillage!

Point of course being that oil is bad enough, but now added to in huge volumes a most toxic chemical dispersant.. so we’re left to imagine that Ocean’s food chain almost wholly consumed by such toxity..

Later I guessed another point in the plankton story was how the dispersant product was suspended and not sunken to the ocean floor… another foulup..?

But I’d wanted to mention something else that will increasingly play on the bigger picture..

Climate change science documents sea-level rise consequent on melting ice from the polar regions and glaciers around the place.. These we might refer to as surface effects.

Insofar aqueous phase vapor also rises into warmer air and is transported to dump overland as more violent storms and greater intensity events.. we could contemplate these as from above..

But below now also… for it is not likely that unremoved and/or unstoppable oil volumes into the seas and oceans will displace water as the overall volume/s increase. What’s more, darker oceans will take in greater incidental solar heat and the oopsie daisy is nobody’s notion of fun any longer.

So.. and constructively more than critically.. I’d say the BBC guy’s suggestion that containment technology proceed double quick and be proven successfully at all operable depths before any further ocean floor drilling be permitted. And do I mean anywhere!

Turning to well WTH I been doing..? Daft, doakie and most croaky is the short answer…

So ta for the calls.. and reading my state of affairs in not persisting on conversational topics… a couple of times I didn’t even get to the phone before they cut out… (no, like I say, I hadn’t gotten too upset over shivering in my jamas.. and yes folks I did “stay warm” and “stay in bed”… gee this place sure is a stay-in-bed place… rain.. two darned weeks of the stuff… but no, I wont push the hoops…

Soddit, I’ve said enough.. time to go.. BTW I’ve gotten a sense of lousy timber – twisting and tensioned against metals bolts in my own experience here – being a cause for past leaking. How come there’s no standards set down for the industry..? Without them the so-called choice in free markets amounts to crap thru to competant… the finding of which can prove a most costly exercise..

See you..

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