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Eyes Right.. and what about..

June 1, 2010

Do the Right get this.

The language is out there.. eg. do it right… the right way.. but aside from a fast following doctrine you have to ask whether the Right really get what President G. W. Bush characterized when asked the question as follows.. ” sovereign.. funds… now there’s sumpin w’all inter-rested in..”

Not nice, my work station company is saying, as I laugh over the memory. Mebbe my tone… 🙂

Anyways, the aforegoing link has a summary which looks like..

Outlook. Policymakers are using SWFs to leverage financial markets in order to maintain popular domestic institutions and policies while limiting the negative impacts of globalisation at the local level. Indeed, the recent economic and financial crisis has unambiguously alerted policymakers to the potential risks associated with future economic recessions.

And with all due respect I don’t see the gone potus up to anything like this… besides, didn’t he want out before the Recession hit. My company laughing now, saying, you bet he did.. his sloppy administration being cause and all..

Things aside, the research team do a pretty useful statement on sovereign wealth fund merits in our globalized world..

Change of topic.. was that author Pullman on the overnight kimalot replay? Interesting. But on the religious side I regret to say he came across somewhat glib.. true the pentecostals are pushing their torsoes out these days.. true they are doing it despite mistaken belief/s and incredulous doctrine – Young Isaac Newton, for example, would more than turn in his grave, considering the hoohah he made over .. was it the the Wycliffe version.. wordings… and vowed to avenge the shift from Orthodox to Roman dictate.. Oyez he did.. scientist and all.. satirizing lesser predecessors with his today entirely mis-taken assertion about standing on the shoulders of greater men. [ boot on the neck.. would be an appropriate actual meaning for the fellow]

So.. perhaps it would help for author Pullman and others to recognise that in the English communities of yesteryear it was the particular gospel – rather than the Roman editor Marcion’s multi-mainstreamed collation of them – that formed the basis of inherent belief. And, to my certain knowledge, one only was held in very high regard. Not least because its very first verse answers all questions as to veracity and so on… (well it does in my KJ1).

Topic Israel.. hearing and reading about this unfolding drama which PM Netanyahu very adequately stated as arisng from fears about arming Israel’s enemies in the Gaza strip..

To mind at the about the same time came recall of a great movie – The Pianist. In this one sees a staged Warsaw ghetto.. the walling in.. isolation.. deprivation and processing toward elimination of so many jews and jewish families.. fears on the faces.. even as they learn their fate at the hands of haters..

And forgive me for intimating a comparison.. but are not Israelis today close to emulating the force of arms used back then to corral folks they have little respect for into an unacceptable state of existence as their forebears once suffered..? Nay, I don’t have the heart to say the N-word may now be fitting another foot. Though I can’t expect others to avoid expression of this.

Back to history and its lessons aren’t we.. lest they go unlearned and repeat..

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