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Em and I: saying for why.. personal reflections if you will..

June 8, 2010

Em is short for emissary… couldn’t get along too well without my emissary.. does most things.. but touch..

Anyway, I’d said something about this radio interview on Morning Report this morning.. Geoff I think it was talking to Russell Norman..

Em: Silo, how’d you mean, this isn’t a chicken farm or feed shute..

Me: Party politics.. partisanry, is.. a silo..

Em just looked.. stared..(had after all asked me to explain).

Me: He’s all message and.. and Party. Gotten their talking points and that’s it really.. siloed into them..

Em: Isn’t that good?

Me(with head shake): Not so hot. Hey, look – how I hate this overused word, look – sorry I meant listen..

Em: go on then!

Me: The greens to me have always been like that broad band of light in the visible spectrum. BROAD. A band lateraled by yellow and blue… merging.. closer to blue than their oppo red.

Em laughs. Says: my favorite band is simply red. They sing – oh so well that one If you don’t know me by now—you know the one..?

Elliptical it was, the look. Science Em could talk to scientists all day long, but science, even simple stuff like visible light spectrum.. well always a matter of argument.. polemics.. to conceal the lack of any real knowledge I’d always thought. Still, that aside, I wouldn’t easily be without Em. Or the thought of it. Humn.. kind of responding to the song meme..

Me: Broad, like life.. really. Hey, where would light be without green. Wouldn’t would it, be light that is——

Em: non-green light, is that it?

Now I laugh… see what I mean.. about those long meme-types 🙂

No, says I to Em’s serious mindset ( I hope) … I’m saying it is no silo.. silos you can dispense with.. broad bands you can’t.. indispensable..

Em: but-but-but-but-but-but (in that way of Em’s) he aint no light band.. but when he’s talking to Geoff live well he’s gotta go over…

I smile, haven’t the heart to say how silos go over in big winds.. or when a bit o’ rust down below gives out.. whatever.

Em: And he did didn’t he.? Party.. public.. party for the public..

Me: suit and tie, don’t you wonder why..?

Em: Now you mention it.. I mean.. yeah.. green business is much more than suit-and-tie.. isn’t it?

Me: no use at all in the cabbages.. heh. NO-n0-no-no-no I didn’t mean it that way.. honest.. help! the future’s in shadow financing anyway.. wouldn’t know what a collar-and-tie was.. that’s for the public.. the look.. the good look (I give up, somehow ‘good’ here is the wrong sentiment)..

Good is like the local greengrocer today telling me how the leeks – at half the supermarket price – and twice the size are ‘localish’ grown. And ‘taking advantage of all this lousy weather!’ Think local leave act to global 🙂

[ to be continued.. cos I gotta go now..]

ps: nothing personal, Russell, getting us talkin’ has gotta be good for ..not broad beans but yay broad greens!!!

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