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Em and I: 2: the more promised to you and you and..

June 9, 2010

Let’s begin today somewhat more enlightened than I left off yesterday. With E.B. lest we overlook and end up rebooked.. This guy is a real eye opener..


Em and Me moved on, agreed – we did didn’t we – how broad greens answer the question.. face the issues.. and the Morning Report guys do a fair job of radio journalism – which is something I ask the odd critic or two keep in mind. After all as some malcontent the media is proxy for the public. Clue: the word is apperception: you don’t have it stay out of radio cos you’ll make a fool of yourself. Oyes and it helps if you can laugh at yourself.

Like now on this desk. They are calling me out.. these are my words right after a shoulder shove: already! – heck gotta go for a mo..

Me: Sorry ’bout that.. nobody said it would be a very very very slow mo. Not even Roosevelt.

Em: Who.? was that?

Knew better than to expect an answer, Em, did, so I added Judge and went on quickly..

Me: Hear how green got another e to make greene the employment machine..? Yep, we are talking South Carolina primary for the DNC. Alvin Greene, young feller, ex-vet, unemployed, pulled off the party nomination. Unemployed says no dough (to speak off) but maybe a heap of organized time to leg his message around the state. Unemployment is big in the states, bigger than most other places anyway.. and they’d back this guy.. for the balls to do it if nothing else. Though I reckon there’s more to it..

Em: Than balls?

Me: Yep. [ I wanted to smile, approve Em’s sudden interest but a small thought of it being something more than that had me literally hold my face in place. Besides, the kid had done a run down the Dems’ lawyerly blindside and this was notable ]

Me again: He was up against Vic Rawl from Charleston. Former judge.. legislator.. and with the party nod if you were to ask me. Standing with over one hundred eighty thousand cash and more fundraising lined up.

Em: BAU, but I wouldn’t mind that kind of silo.

No, I said, joining Em in the business unusual fun. Greene didn’t need a tube of any kind.. just a heap of special interests.. the kind the DNC and whoever else into their thing could use right now. Rattled Rawl, rattled the dems, yet the big deal is his energy..

Em: So okay I’m interested. Now, how’re How’d Tea Partiers go.?

Me: You know about that crowd?

Em: Oh puh-lease.!

Me: Sorry. Stalled.. well, there’s word out TP is already sliding. The GOP played them awhile because after the W. they truly needed something. But let me tell you via what happened with Rand Paul. He’s Ron Paul’s son. Ron, ex-Libertarian, and Republican next in 88 … These days.. Rand running with the TP in behind. But hosed over the past year or two with the Libs and nuts stepping up to run things and rap racial discrimination.

Em: You got all this from the Judge? Earlier? Before? I mean this isn’t whatβ€”β€”.

Me: Yesterday you.. today me, okay. No, not the Judge. I’m giving you backstory so you’ll be up there when things fall apart.

Em grinned with one of those okay I get it looks. Then said: Yeah.??

Astute. Very. Apperception does that. (not sure, but two pees could drop one in that spelling) Em seeing over the horizon of a short life Tea Party now stuck with ole Righties dumb political positions and not enough time to dump them and break out.. Well, not in time for November. Meaning how the dems despite overheard msm correspondents’ best efforts to make it otherwise could pick up enough support to stay on.. and staying on, folks, is where they and we shall make the most gains..

Em: peaked too early.. Hah.. and talking of peaks did you get what Matt Simmons (Peak Oil) has come out with.. like there’s another leaker in the Mex..

No, I told myself, I didn’t want to hear, one big B pee leak was dark enough for all time..

Wisdom received @ the localish greengrocer: buy your kiwifruit soft for juicers; big and firm for loosers. Bought five so I’ll leave you to guess it was the best dollar twenty someone πŸ™‚ spent yesterday morning.

Tho news just out on former enzed ministerial spend cards would suggest someone else had loosers, too… πŸ™‚

C ya

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