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Sting or Bee: guess who the beekeeper was..?

June 11, 2010

Dan Fitzpatrick @ wsj has an illuminating item up. Among other matters he examines the ‘sophistication’ of money. Or rather the monied.. and one reads what they – having been taken to the pro-corner – reflect on what happened to them there.

We have kimalot tomorrow morn.. and I must say the Vic-link lady interview last week had a bright and innovative creature— enzed in the searchlight. Similar tomorrow..? Could be..

Following the midday news is one of those oddly named radioshows: This Way Up. Bouncy, bright, novel — the very thing for a guy to go to bed and dream about… 🙂 Well, that’s better than counting the woollies or catching the bug I think simon morton will be looking for under a mattress .. or something similar in one of the items.

Me mentioned ex-journo – “chattering classes” – Watkins whose obit played on the UK’s Telegraph the other week. It so happens that just prior to this the Em and I team had began sorting this newspaper out, so to say. For their highly manipulative role in the Brit General Election.. examples to be covered in the course thereof… As the Duchess was to say in Joe Wright’s classy Pride & Prejudice, “This is not to be borne!”

Nor shall it be. First up, and soon I’m told, one Boris Johnson who has appeared since the G/E with much to say tho nought to do on matters beyond him..

Song of the week: Pitstop, whose lyric harange : Who Do You Think You Are ? – is most revealing as to the knowhow or not of the questioner..

C ya

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