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Seas before Pees: take 1..

June 15, 2010

Starring Me and Em.. a blighter look at what forsook the Mexican Gulf.

Em: Want me to hold up a sign.. a note.. something.. tell our chatterer audience the double meaning?

Me: [Big nod] Good idea. Seas aka cees.. to go with pees..

Em: Yep, they’ll get that.

Me: Alphabetical and acoustical.

Em: We hope. And remember, no more rightos, rightos are right off round here. So.. cue.. weren’t you gonna tell him off.?

Me: Boris, yeah I was. And his offsiders.

Em: Ooo I like that.. offsiders.. world cup.. foul play.. dirty goals. I’m not a the round ball babe.. but I’m learning aren’t I.. fast.. the beautiful game.. beautiful players.. blokes.. and dressing.. after-the-match…

Me: [Ignoring this] Milord Tebby from all accounts.. have I gotten one for him.. didya know he’s into the House o’ Lordies cos he was a govmint minister.

Em: No I didn’t know that.. and neither do you. The Westminister system isn’t like.. the best democracy money can buy for instance, it’s more like—

Me [ laughing to myself at the ‘gone west’ ministers in Em’s take as I protested ] Senators are voted in.

Em: Lordies aint, I know. Acknowledge that. Except the rich don’t make it.

Me: Lordies do, and don’t need a Senate.

Em: [LOL] Just an House! Crikey, crease m’ pants! So, come on, what’s with Boris? And do I mean the feller with a shock of white on top who sports a bike round London and edited the Spectaty.. online.. before he did the mayor’s job. Are you saying he’s a Lordie.. well are yer?

Me: I am. Lord Mayor o’ Londie.

Em: In the House.. really?

Me: No, he’s gotten his own house.

Em: Oh yeah.. y’sure.. gotta moat has it?

Me: I dunno—no, no moat—

Em: Journos joke, doesn’t live in a castle either does he!

Me: Damn well will when I’m finished wiffim, lockim up and throw away the key.

Em: Oooo like that eh.. so er.. er.. what did this Boris bloke say.. do?

Me: Do, nothing, not a doer, nottim!

Em: So..?

Me: Like most times said a lot.. too darned much.. like in the Spectaty days. Opinionated, but never apologetic. Too bb–bee–bee–buh–bee–bee corporate. That’s their game. Always was. See it now.. yeah…yeah..

Em: What did they say, that’s all we want to know!

Me: Primer Boris – ‘an accident’ – Johnson has Lordie spout according to a guardian report how the american reaction to the big oil spill in the Mexican Gulf displayed a “partisan political presidential petulance against a multinational company?”

Em: What a mouthful. I see what you mean.. all pees ?

Me: Yeah. Well, have I come up with something for them..

Em: Fighting for the cees are we.?

Me: Bet on it. Because what this is, what they are, is the catastrophic crony capitalist classes. Seas before pees. That’s what I say.. and right here… and next up.. we’ll start proving it..

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