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Seas before Pees: take 2..

June 18, 2010

BG song lyric — If you don’t know Me by now (Bluenotes backing version) — plays through opens and narration(voice-over)

Previously on Seas before Pees…

… motivated to overcome Lordie and his ‘mouthfull’ of pees was created a countering tour de force. The wideboys, Me and Em figured, needed to know their true selves as the c atastrophic c rony c apitalist c lasses. Or, for short, Cees.

Song fades and Em appears holding out a sponsor-like sign whose link reads: Positively pee-free, click the P and you will see.

Me: Now that is innovation.

Em: Sure is. Do y’know they figure on using atmospheric carbon dioxide to—

Me: [ interrupts ] Let people find out for themselves. Learning from experience and all that.

Em: [ with ogly chastised look ] Are we on? Hey, I thought I was the cue-ist.

Me: So.. Boris.. Accident he said.

Em: Some accident huh. It’s catching tho.. the er.. the language. Accident.. That lemur McKie said accident, too. And I can’t recall how many copied him this week.

Me: Lamar [ LOL ] Y’know you make it sound like spots..

Em: Yeah, accident spots.

Me: A rash of them.

Em: Too right. I’ve heard people say how it is the big bucks rash.

Me: [ LOL ] Gold rush I know about, but big bucks rash..?

Em: Rush then. Waitta minute though, it’s not funny.. no way to do BAU. I mean there’s a big ethical thing..

Me: So what do we do first, the big rush or the big ethic—

Em: You do Boris and Tebby and I’ll er…

Me: Gotcha. Well, I guess now we’re underway the first thing to say is do those two know just what has gone down here. Boris is there for that.. the media boy.. corporate capture and all.. heck did they tellim about the B-4-blockade Associated Press have been going through in the Gulf states.

Em: Media blockade?

Me: This so-called dosy response from the US administration was doctoring by the guess who. Mostly all it got was the other side carping and screaming incompetance. The lordie.. Tebby.. hollered about partisan (one of the pees) and the real boot was on the other political foot. So either they were—

Em: [ widemouthed, birdlike; interrupting ] Were players in.. in that strategy.. or.. ignorant.

Me: Truth will out.. then.. well, made to look fools.. by whoever they thought they were defending.

Em: Yeah, I gettit.. I er… [ shakes head ] Played y’mean?

Me: Cronies.. you’ll always know them when a strong call for truth outs.. catastrophe—not them they’ll say.. dissemble words to the death. point fingers, not them, someone else—anyone else—gee didn’t we all hear about that this week!

Em: Do. Talking’s over.. yeah?

Me: Yeah. Little done, it’s late, now do more. Name of the game. Now.

Em : Is that it then, re Boris and Tebby and—

Me: No. I hate to harp but that’s only a starter for ten. Gotta look at this industry. The states. Elsewhere. Explain Macondo—

Em: What was that?

Me: Later. Tell you what, how about next time.. next up.. though if folks really want to come to grips with this thing — and I think they could try — mebbe a series.. you with the links..?

Em: Good idea.

Me: [ cheeky look ] Getting clicks already I see..

Em: Am I.. Oooo, I like it, I like it.. [ LOL, waving the sign.. ]

Ticker runs: click it and you will see.. freedom.. the freedom coup… minus c-oh-2 means a shining cuckoo..

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