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Seas before Pees: Take 3..

June 22, 2010

Song plays low BG.. [ Simply Red, ex movie Cider House Rules ] If you don’t know Me by now… then you’ll…

Narrator: [ V/O ] Previously on Seas before Pees…

Me and Em discussed a British charge made by people who should know better against the people of the USA and specifically its current President. Declaring them and he guilty of “anti-British rhetoric” and “partisan political presidential petulance” against a multinational company.. [ BP ]

Me countered this hubris of pees with an authoritative original — catastrophic crony capitalist classes. Cees. Which, spoken, is aka Seas. Hence title to this series…

Additionally Em put forward the notion of oil well drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) as being a most spotty picture. In our Em sign this week – [ Me, interrupting] Wave it, wave it, our Chatz wantz to get this one loud and clear.

[ Narrator resumes as sign appears left frame ] – As this excellent link makes most clear..

SIGN reads: Artweek.. Washington’s gottit sussed.. Macondo is where? Clk to go there..

Em: Hey you, you’re on..

Me: Artweek folks. Yes, that’s the word for it.

Em: One picture beats a thousand words.

Me {LOL} : Where you come from mebbe!

Em: Whaddya mean where I come from—I’m from the same place you are!

Me: [ IGNORES ] Actually several of those pictures are highly relevant to how we shall progress this series, chatz.

Em: Yes, yes, quite right. Actually, I’ve been so busy—

Me: Haven’t we all.

Em: Oi you, you said you wouldn’t be interrupting and—

Me: Gotta getta the point. Stay there.. cos… I also told you.. didn’t I.. didn’t I?

Em: Think you’re smart dontcha, well I’ll get to the point.. cos there’s only one point to get to this week—

Me: Hah [ sharp intake of breath ] You told them, told them and after all my telling you not to.

Em: Shuddup.! It’s a BIG point.. besides you said I could tell it. Now I’ve done the sign haven’t I.. and yes, we’re already getting clicks.. and let’s face it there’s so many other links for chatterers to follow there that… well.. y’know.

Me: Figure 1 for instance.. all those yellow spots on a blue tie—oops sorry Bill.. for the Freudian, I meant to say blue ocean background..

Em: Yeah.. not blue, not really, but makes a nice picture and the spots standout.. that pin cushion we were talking about..

Me: Yes. BTW, do you think they’ll get how MC in that figure stands for Mississipi Canyon.. sorta the mother of all black blocks of which 252 is one.. no, it’s not a serious question.

Em: And what about the Bathy-thing.. the topo-grafie map.. with all those MC squares on it.. were they thinking of Einstein when they came up with those… [ IMITATING Me’s voice ] no, it’s not a serious question..

Me [LOL] In the matter of E.. yeah I see.

Em: Calm down, calm down, tellem what you’re doing.. going forward.

Me: [ Disgust ] Me, going—never use the expression—what does it mean anywhere? No, I’m going downward, as it were. Down to the deeps where the Macondo prospect had gotten drilled.. and explaining why it never should have been there in the first place.. or any place for that matter.

Em: And why? Like it’s in the topo-grafie…

Me: Because that topog-raphy very evidently rebuts any suggestion of rhetoric and political and presidential and petulance against a multinational company..

Em: And you’ll have the pictures to prove this..

Me: Indeed. I shall.. I will.. and you’ll be helping me with the er..

Em: ARTWORK! Yo.. go to it folks.. [ WAVES SIGN, we watch Em muttering a barely audible question ] Whose Bill.? yeller spots.. blue tie.. bill here’s ta mud in yer eye..

Ticker runs: E – mc squared… free for all to see.. energy independence is freedom.. from peedom

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