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Seas before ???? : Take 4

July 1, 2010

Song plays BG.. [ male solo with Bluenotes backing to denote individualistic endeavor ] If you don’t know ME by now.. then you’ll never know Me..

[V/O] Narrator: Previously on Seas Before—[breaks as if slapped. then continues] But first we have authoritic intelligence. Or, in short, AI. No this not artificial, not at all, though it has been described as most intelligent. Of course, AI is my specialty. So.. concerning mister Foe… did you know that daniel did not like his dad.. and upon entering the world of letters back in the day… along with a keen gaze at the then French literary influence, decided that grander was what he must become. Thus aided with a desire to be celebrated whilst retaining a hard edge of reality he sayeth unto his agent I’m offim, but no way like him. So.. I fink I’ll sign off henceforth as Defoe. And thus began the Daniel Defoe dynasty…

Me[ plaintive ] ; Disaster for his dad…

Em: That’s enough already! Disaster. Hasn’t there been enough—no that’s not a question—the important thing is to keep in mind what Mr. C and his mob were messaging when they said $60billion was enough already. Gotta think of the old folks..

Me: [ LOL ] The what—they’ve gotten more sense than to put all their eggs into one basket case.. One and one half percent was what I heard.

Em: What are you talking about! This is pension funds and I’m pretty sure it’s from the top. The couple of swells, y’know..

Me: [ whistles tune Christopher Robin.. ending … says Boris ] Yeah, the folks who put all their eggs into the basket case.

Em: Ohhh-OOooo-ooo–really..

Me: Sign, where’s your sign then.?

Em: Here, here it is. [ SIGN APPEARS, reads: speak no evil, here no evil so YOU SEE the evil ] That should do it.. for mister err.. mister C and his cronies..

Me: Yes. yes, I concur.

Em: You what? Don’t you mean conker.?

Me: No, me, conquer, nevah!

Em: so.. how’d it go.. in the GoM.. been down.. deep?

Me: Indeed I have. Dark. Very. Down there.

Em: Last place anyone would want to be. Must say we’ve missed you round here. Answers.. anything yet?

Me: Coming. Lightness to the dark and all that.

Em: Good, good, well you’ll let us know soonest. Geo is it..? [ Silence ] Not the err.. the earth’s magnetic.. that cauldron of iron ore thingy I was listening to on kimalot last weekend.. no..? [ Silence ] The orienteer.. that one.. compass follower.. I give up!

Me: Not a bad idea.. compass.. ’bout the only thing you can see in front of your nose.. down there. Trouble is, with the price going south and the cronies looking north—

Em: Of course! I gettit, I do, I—

Me: Missed the oilicane of course.. down there.. only a touch of heaving seas and tarballs bigger than golfballs ashore—

Em: OILICANE! Are you serious?

Me: Alex is a cat 2, yet the winds carry salt spray inland. Salting the fields! So why not whip up oilies as well. Sliming the crops, rooftops, streets. And another thing, those toxic chemical breakdown products.. I mean at this stage who knows what the rest of the windblows will bring mainland states? Do you? Do I? Does anybody?

Em: Texas! Headed for Texas and—how—now—Texas taste!

Me: Don’t be rude, Em, the one touch of taste they’ll get they won’t want…

Em: [ screeches ] Who would! I mean… [ Waving sign, barely audible muttering.. ] Oilicane.. oilicane.. is Alex the one… Alex the first.. never anon..

Ticker runs: Cees vs pees banned.. PM says no less… prop the price shall rule … in the mining of mess…

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