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Seas Before… Take 6..

July 15, 2010

Fade in music from South Pacific.. then voice: Getting to know Me… getting to know all about Me.. [ fade under Narrator ]

Narrator: (to himself) Another song.? No, no, I’m not about to ask, enough insults last time.. without woody allen I’d have been in the doo-doos… the deep—

Me/Em [chorus]: Get on with it!

Narrator: ( with chuckle to himself ) Arh there they are. With the new all-together businesslike arrangement. [LOL] Righto.. Well now all you chatz out there.. hear this: Previously on Seas Before we learned of the cross-Atlantic cronies who, with their mob here, had tried to put their very own beep oil blighter across everyone else as the fault of everyone else. The president’s moratorium had put paid to such recklessness until the oilly doilys had one of their junket-taking judge panel suspend this sound decision. Saith the doily disciples: jobs y’know, our folks gotta work! And so they should, at the bottom of the GoM.. Anyway, one thing and another—whattissit now!

Me/Em[ as before, chorus]: Sign’s ready.

Narrator: Really. Take a break cos I’m not finished yet. Last week we were to discover a dubious fictional plotter affectionately known to some as morri-boy attempting become borris-boy. Chatz were onto this quickly with a mention of OCS. Aka outer continental shelf it rapidly sorted fiction from fact. And for everyone’s benefit I’ll now say—

Me/Em: [INTERRUPT] You hear that, he’s nicked our lines. Yes he has. No—oi you—gettorf!

Narrator [ chuckling ] No problems. Good to see I woke you two up..

SIGN APPEARS, reading: SCAT 101: the oh-one Me regrets joining now!

Me/Em: We will say how the very outer continental shelf goes all the way around the USA. Department of Internal Affairs(DIA) has the data and a veritable pin cushion of oil drill sites it is out there. Mostly of course tapped out already.. the inner, inshore part. Sort of like the Sigsbee in the GoM. Further out, this depending on the actual contours, the mapping is OCS. Usually deeper water.. [EM alone] Is that right..?

Me: Hence Deepwater Horizon, folks.

Em: See.?

Me: That’s moron bush—thissis business!

Em/Me: Indeed! Now whoever spoke ill of Admiral Thad can expect apollo-guys. You see, meaningful is the word for him.

Me: Like when he came up with a significant view of what went wrong down the Macondo. Let’s talk about this, huh.

Em: Okay, gimme a clue.

Me: Dropped a pipe someone, something, did. Kind of like an AB dropping the ball.. you follow?

Em: Why an AB, I mean I can drop a ball?

Me: You drop this ball — read pipe — and you’d get admiral Allen saying you lost more than your footing.

Em: [Businesslike] Fouled up the other pipe.

Me: Wedged next to the drill pipe on the seafloor riser. Like he said they used a diamond saw and got inside to discover two sets of drill pipe. Because there was no oil in the second pipe he figured it fell down right after the explosion. Beep buy this I hear, same diameter.

Em: Makes sense.

Me: Does it?

Em: What am I missing.?

Me: the other idea of how mebbe this pipe shot up on gas down below to, for instance, slam the shear ram into uselessness. That’s blow-out slammer, right. If that happened then relief well drilling has changed by a whole risk factor or two.

Em: So.. the er.. the debate, right? Scientists.. engineers.. what they can figure..

Me: Guys who like challenges. Me, I hope they are wrong and Allen’s got it.. this second pipe from above the BOP. Whatever, they have to figure a way around it assuming removal is not on to make a more successful cap or recap emplacement.

Em: That’s going better.. the new cap I mean.. mum’s the word.. caution and.. yeah. Here’s hoping..

Me: Down there, sure.

Em: Up here?

Me: Clean out. Gotta get these Gulf states sorted. For their own sakes. But not.. hopefully.. before we get sorted.. for our own sakes..

FADE IN opening music..

Ticker runs: .. Getting to know Me.. getting to know.. oh so slowly.. Me is not precisely… Em’s cuppa tea…

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