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One Quarter’s Decline is a Euro Truthout..

July 16, 2010

Heard this morning on news bulletins here was how China’s latest reported quarter growth was DOWN – 10.3 percent as cf 11.9 previously – and how this containment “of inflation” was, according to a national-led government official to be required of trading partners.. [ punching above one’s weight is how savvy folks say it here 😉 ]

Interesting then that a somewhat different truth has outed in Europe.. as this BusinessSpectator bulletin makes clear..

European environment ministers have woken up to the truth – the perceived failure of Copenhagen has camouflaged China’s growing low-carbon investments.

Big states can have it both ways, of course, inflation control AND low-C growth. Especially with their big pile of dough. Yet in this case I happen to think not. And why? Bcos the big pile is tied into a massively huge housing bubble no one else is deemed worthy of knowing about… lest a China version of the West’s ruinous fiasco occur.

I sure hope it doesn’t, whilst hoping that its Euro-significant positives continue..

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