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Seas Before: take 6: update..

July 16, 2010

Morri-boy, aforementioned, got something right, depending on what one cares to recall him saying..

Instance Govnor Jindal – alleged to be “winning” Louisiana hearts and minds cf the President Obama. Build a berm, he’d(Jindal) said.. sand from a base in the GoM to above the waves.. do it long enough and.. no problems ashore.. keep dat oil out!

Scientists, engineers, called this idea the dumbest darn thing… but G’nors being what they are – leaders and legends in their own minds – can do no wrong.

Jindal’s boondoggle cost $171mn and would run 45 miles over the GoM.. can’t fail.. go wrong.. not with this guy’s mojo..!

Designated Berm E4 on the Chandeleur Islands was soon swallowed by the sea during an early July storm which – as scientists had predicted – would rapidly scour out its base no matter how wide the design durable 😉 300 feet wide sand pile was gonna be.

The word from Coastal (Office of.. LA) whose aerial surveys form basis of these findings has bulldozers and equipment swamped in the waters.. The berm went down “like a sweater in hot wool” said their colorful observer..

Of course. the G’nor’s popularity is one thing when he’s buying it in the local media and political rounds, and something else when his performance is analysed..

So I guess the msge to morri-boy is yep, you gottim right, the guy needs inflatables.. just to stay up.

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