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For whom.. as cf the facts..

July 28, 2010

Still in intermission mode, your narrator would like comment on an aspect of reportage seldom ‘discovered’ in the sense of traditional media..

Instance.. Desnoyers, Chief Econ@ Commonwealth Bank (Canada) accurately observing:—

After today’s data on trade flows, we can now say that industrial production, on a global basis, has left the stage of recovery and can now be qualified as being in an expansion mode.

One means of confirmation would be shipment, freightage, transportation.. yes? Well, turns out, yes and no depending whom and/or what you read..

Here’s the American Railroads Association’s latest weekly update [ note they go off a conservative (to rapid change) moving average which has the advantage of revealing steady rises, falls..)

U.S. railroads originated 282,199 carloads for the week ending July 17, 2010, up 5.5% compared with the same week in 2009..

Intermodal traffic totaled 227,661 trailers and containers, up 20.1% from the same week a year ago and down only 2.5% compared with 2008. Compared with the same week in 2009, container volume increased 22.1% and trailer volume rose 10%.

For the first 28 weeks of 2010, U.S. railroads reported cumulative volume of 7,874,125 carloads, up 7.3% from 2009..

Combined North American rail volume for the first 28 weeks of 2010 on 13 reporting U.S., Canadian and Mexican railroads totaled 10,278,759 carloads, up 10.3% from last year, and 7,319,184 trailers and containers, up 13.8% from last year.

Okay, so what’s my beef about..? That report update summed the facts. But the header to the media ran: “Weekly Rail Traffic Continues to Reflect Sluggish Economy.”

Which leaves me asking just who has been given authority to pass on such good news of american enterprise and efforts?

And for whom? Yes, really.

And just so you know this is not just me wheezing away, Mark Perry @ Carpe Diem happened to add that the Association’s was a “fairly positive report” with the 4-week moving average particularly across intermodal shipping standout. For sustained 30 week gains in double digits.

Looks suspiciously like one of 44’s trade-in practices of bumspeak in the front office to kill off politically unrequired competition.. wouldn’t you say..?

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