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All this scholarly stuff is..

August 27, 2010

getting to me.. so darn it I’m for ears up and kimalot plus a couple more hours tomorrow..which is to say I was feeling a tad guilty at not being around.. and around here.. when the question came in..

y’know, the question of what does Hayek have to do with radio’s quality weekend shows..?

And the answer — my answer — for what it is worth: nothing. I sincerely hope. Because whilst a fellow can write and speak all he wants and to whomsoever he wants I have a problem with the folks who deliberately cut and paste the guy for their own purposes. And they do. And there are a lot of them!

And some even sit around tables which really ought know better. In the interests of rounding their members, of course.

Even in the interests of billionaires.. y’know.. especially in the interests of cocks who most know will crow three times. Oops, sorry sirs, take the foregoing as several phonetics to save me doing it over, huh.

Okay, right, to the conundrum.. this being the /nights for it… What four-letter word immediately precedes the following words in a google search: “of the Dedicated Natural Science Thinktank”

Be advised.. there are more than a couple of dots herein to enable one or more readers discover the BELIEF currently driving much toing-and-froing and other matters in deliberately conflicted debate. Of late. Reward for the correct answer – remember only four letters – is a song to sing along for a long time coming..

Best o’ look.

ps: to those involved in good work, keep it up

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