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From the Markness of..

September 4, 2010

Me.. to the Marshoness of D..

I kind of waited for it… blogging Saturday with all its quaking and shaking goin’ on.. would have been a dastardly thing.. for one so otherwise busy.. to do.

For what, then?

For a reliable and appropriately-worded media take on those events. Saturday’s had its brilliance in on-the-spot coverage by folks more than willing turn out.. and turnup, eh SimonM :-).. to report the news event of this year (and likely in its own way for many years to come). But Sunday, and a relief for the sleep-deprived I’m quite sure, further coverage and contacts with principal officials etc..

Not forgetting of course, the merits of review and replays of material missed prior. Whereupon the Marshoness of D emerged. “You thort wot—” said kimalot with due astonishment on Peacock’s MediaWatch replay of her earlier talk with someone in power around Christchurch. Let us, for the sake of recall, refer to him as deerat. For hadn’t his immediate response on being advised the quake and its widespread power outage consequences been: “I thort drat!”

Tell you what I thought.. I thought mebbe he was irritated at not making a Mount Hutt skiing experience or something on Saturday’s bright and clear if cold morning.. and I thought, too, of the guy who had been running BP – (what was his name again.?) – whose immediate response to notification of the Macondo spill in the GoM had been about getting his life back!

About themselves.. go stuff the rest.. so who gives so much as a s*x# for their paying clients and customers!!!

And thanks to media for its promptness in serving, and where those who do bad work expose themselves.

Thanks also to those who recognised the need of some humor to enable release of tension among the dissaffected multitudes.. Included among them this utter pearl of a response to a tremulous question at five minutes after the shake-up proper… Is this, the visitor asked, what you folks mean about plates moving..? No buddy, diss is what we call the whole bloody dinner service moving !!!

Yep, I’d like add at this point, how the limitations of pre-programmed radio came up for review.. as “the good vibrations” lyric had gotten to play (Beach Boys I think) soon after the event on the all-Night show.. point being.. humor – if intended at all – entirely inappropriate..

Allow the good work to continue..

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