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Late.. late..

October 8, 2010

So sorry me-maties..

I dunno.. sometimes I no sooner touch down and figure on making a wee ‘shopping’ trip than an ask arrives: so what do YOU think?

Solar surge-agents want to stick it all with reflectors.. big-big-big arrays.. eventually figuring on mebbe one third grid capacity.. which is humongous.. and of course not without some sizeable by-plays..

Then Chevron says they’d sooner stick with PV.. only 35 megawatts.. should be no problem.. right. Well, no it isn’t for them. For the arrayers it adds up to talk nice.. and they figure this role for guess who..

Week later.. seems like anyways.. and I am sorry if expectations rose some but like I am saying — aw help why don’t I say this is enuff already. [ Guess someone knows how only an actual endpoint is where I’ll settle.. ]

So.. they have gotten okay to 35, and we have reconfigured the target work out..

ps: nearly got myself a dumb deal today.. highway.. dumbass overtaking way wide and only just ducked in from the big oncoming truck who’d given him heaps of roadroom too. Gee if they hit I couldn’t see anyway avoiding the smash.. which had me shaking a while.. then angry.. I’m over it, but for me there’s no soon enough removing dumb uncaring drivers from the roads.

G’night now.

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