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Among the More Remarkable..

October 26, 2010

movies this past decade hath occasion an appropriate dialogue to meet the situation today emblazoned by none other that the BBC’s Pacific-Asia newscasters as “Hobbit Talks End Without Decision”.. the lede asserting:—

Talks between New Zealand’s prime minister and Warner Brothers over the filming of The Hobbit end with no decision on where filming will take place.

So, to the Joe Wright marvel in casting the blessed Blethyn from aussie to beseech her hubbie, super Sutherland from Canada in respect of their proud and prejudiced daughter, Lizzie from England—

Do what? says he to her urgings. [ Potted green leaved plant in hand ]

Talk to her, says she, tell her because if you do not (tell her) then Mister Collins (played with heavy insight by Tom Hollander) will not want to marry Lizzie. And—do it!—Now!

PS: having thus set the tone, I’d add that Warner’s stout fellows recognise how some things are priceless.. and that what may be presumed in a business mindset lost to production can so easily be made up in distribution.. and ongoing audience payback.. besides, ‘Middle Earth’ may have a southern bunny problem, but moles it can definitely do without.

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