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Gosh have I been that busy..?

November 12, 2010

There it stood in front of me.. in front of this particular posting.. a draft according to my DT client, not the actual posting I’d thought had gone off.. for all to see.. and prosper from..

Not so.. the draft tells me so.. which has me apologise for the .. the oversight.. sorry and all that..

But busy.. I have been. No excuse.

Demands of derived order do impose themselves.. as any involved in the serious and scientific practise of DO will agree.

Known knowns – that’s the trick – (yay, figure of speech not in any way intended or aligned to the misuse of multitudinous ignoramuses in others’ self-supposed matters of science) – the way, the path, the purpose and functionality. Of finites. Of firstly, defining them, then finding them.

Too many can mean a whole lot of noise.. and finding the signal involve a great deal of time and effort. Leading to, among other things, a common mistake of assuming that they all – those finites – have a driver.. or drivers. Such error invokes an inevitable conclusion—that driver/s replace bounds. Hence highly flawed stats and poorly implemented static analyses. Old science. Qualitative in chemists’ speak.

When dynamics are always order of the day, as it were. Always. Physics.

Hence knowing the known knowns – as many of them as possible – can ‘design’ each and every and all bounds a meaningful output.

Does it make money? This knowledge..? You bet. When applied to moneymaking endeavors.

Applied to scientific endeavors it adequately makes the case.

Leaving the adequacy of moneymaking to yet remain on the betting shelf. For instance this week’s R&D amounted in that jargon’s terminology to a 25 percent strike rate. Mucho $mn, middling leverage (x44), yet no pattern or capability for risk management.

And without that – a longterm issue believe you me – a messy business.

So here’s to the weekend. Inspiration. One thing’s for sure, aspiration has turned out bloody boring! And uncomfortable at 36 degrees cee daytime temperatures.

Oh for a comfy seat somewhere and a chair to here and there.

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