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Goes to Show..

November 15, 2010

That when a feller cracks on about such a simple thing as finding a comfy seat to go here and there on.. it’s inviting comparison.. like..

not another euro experience.. of chequered cheeks from under-seat heating elements.. that would not turn off! hah-ha!!
rather like so-called modern vehicles with their convenience of electric windows, rendered utterly useless when the window winder motor packs up

could it be that whenever a feller sits upon an ‘electric’ seat it amounts to self-indulgence of the more unwanted sort? Hey, this electric seat.. is it a motorised push-me-pull-you, angle, rake, whatever… raiser, lowerer, what… ?

hum-hum–her-hurrah–gotta go… yep. final thort.. electric unders could increase that kind of efficiency. Too.

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