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Small Tork numero 2:

November 20, 2010

Here’s the skinny on why GM came on back into the stock market with significant support..

Against a backdrop of what could be the largest IPO in US history, Chevrolet yesterday announced plans to invest $40m in carbon offset projects across the country over the next three to five years.

The projects, ranging from generating solar energy at schools to capturing methane gas at landfills, are expected to reduce eight million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions – roughly the annual emissions produced by the 1.9 million Chevrolet vehicles to be sold over the next year.

“GM has made great progress in reducing our environmental impact, but we know we can do more,” General Motors chief executive Dan Akerson said in a statement. “Chevrolet’s investment is an extension of the environmental initiatives we’ve been undertaking for years because the solution to global environmental challenges goes beyond just vehicles.”

So… and BTW you could say the Chev’s downsizing over recent decades has indeed amounted to extending years of global environmental initiatives.. nice touch DA is that.. turning loaded into positive 😉 Still, not to grumble at better late than never!

h/t: TP.

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