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Small Tork..

November 27, 2010

Second Edition ::

Strangely folks like the title, and yes, even the auto-minded — face it, who isn’t 🙂 — will go for my torque redux.

I’ve been asked to circulate the following link which will cost you nothing to go see, nor myself, though likely illuminate your weekend some. Making it a good cause.. of course. So.. don’t forget to tell them what you think.. re autos.. drivers everywhere can’t simply rely on manufacturers’ autoshows anymore. Not now some of them are building them for only a 7-10 year reliable drivetime.

Catch kimalot this morning..? Her talk with Dr. E* first up was something.. eh? Humans’ according to him, are utter suckers for eating what industrial and commercial farming have been putting out forever. For us all to consume, of course. And hey, let’s not overlook how the feller with courage and evidence-based medical science is taking his crusade on our behalf straight into the horse’s mouth.. as it were. And the cows’ I wouldn’t mind betting.

* Author a book whose title related to Preventing Heart Disease…

Why would I be so impressed with both the topic and tellers thereof..? A couple of things..

One, a beat poet’s** words:—

Revolutionary consciousness is to be found —
Among the most ruthlessly exploited classes —
Animals, Trees, Water, Air, Grasses.

** Sorry mister S, but I can’t for the life of me remember the full surname.

And two: State of Play – the movie – with kiwi-born Russell Crowe acting journo lead, but here an actor US Congressman and chair of a congressional committee examining large corporate contractors’ to American war/s, delivering superb lines to the CEO : —

” Great system, isn’t it? We (US Army) train ’em and then you go kill them (troops) for profit.”

Ingrained attitudes, K, and that’s the truth. The haves have it and sure want to keep it that way. BTW, didn’t Al Gore say something similar re paypackets and payoffs in relation to climate change solutions. Yep. IMO. the thing that made it all political suddenly. For US republicans and their proxies wherever..

PS: Dr. E was heard distinctly to say “plant-based” food and this taken to mean not vegan. Not entirely anyway. Though I must admit initially I thought ‘gone’ to my liking for part olive oil cooked stirfry. [ Aside: by adding a quarter oxo (meat extract) to a little water plus the oil one can cook through mung beans and remove their uncooked nuttiness from the palate].

Very reasonable interview.. indeed most reasonable.. among the betters — added, you understand, to banish the wretch who emailed in to suggest that the good doctor did not deserve “airplay” and our host’s judgement was thereby lacking. Hellsbells, is there no recognition that competition is the background and basis of global endeavor! A need as much as ever it was with so much heart and mind disease about the place.

Farmers would have a commercially-acceptable consensus on their present view. Though kiwi herd farmers are likely unique also for fathering if not sponsoring a political party indulging itself presently in what is termed the counter-consensus movement. Of which I’d be most surprised if they didn’t find themselves belied in whatever pose was adopted to this topic in global respect of its people – planet – politics continuum.

That’s all for now.. enjoy your very own AGW weekend (wherein less than six degrees cee seperates day from night) — yep, even if that amounts to a cold bath or two to fetch the shut eyes — don’t forget the link folks.. bye..!


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