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Update: small tork: 02

November 29, 2010

Why yes of course the mister S was none other than Gary Snyder… afterthought: I wonder if that beautiful and most original calligraphy of his verse containing those lines is still hanging in the church porch to which it was donated..? Strange how one’s memory hangs on to things, places.. mebbe appropriateness is the value making it so..

Re interviews… no, sorry I didn’t hear the Howard interview first time around.. tho last Saturday’s replay was welcome.. Would that be the right word? I’m asking because if Johnboy gets to read this comment he’d be frazzled at my pointing out how inappropriate his rude and repeated “wrong” s were..

As for the remainder I’d have to dwell a little on attendant thoughts.. like how well he in it (this interview) appeared to parallel my own efforts of growing tomatos from seed.

So well done there, Kim gal—getting to the end was an end in itself. But I’d have to admit there would be no way known I’d want eat a howard variety. Come to think of it I’m amazed at how aussis in their multitudes did for so long..

Nowt funnier than folk… heh!

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