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December 8, 2010

Anyone recall the saying – could be vernacular – How’re ya doin’ China?

One of those cheerup calls, I’d always thought. Never used myself but one is aware of others etc..

And, you might consider in relation to recent decades, a not unreasonable tactic to adopt. China grow-on-grow.. and all.. Investors paradiso etc.. that is it more likely could have been the case for investors pre Warren Buffett’s big outta petrodollars there. Couple years back.. And heralding braves who prefered ignore such hurdles in their run-and-jump gallop for yet more..

Cutting to the chase and upping a so-called side-issue in the topical wikileaks disclosures’, FP have revealed table talk disclosures of a singularly embarrassing nature by officials.. like.. did you know how GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is “man-made” and therefore flawed.. that much preferred indicators of economic activity are power usage, freight and bank loans.

Simple, see! You do see, don’t you? He means to say how on earth could a whole heap of data be anything more than referential to explaining what people, and hundreds of millions of them is the case, are doing there?

Besides high, sustained high and/or good GDP figures factor job promotions. Kinda like promotion pays! 😉

Another case in point is unemployment. 20mn layoffs… official. But job-resigned and retired never figure. Strange, these usually doubling the total (40mn+) at any one time or period.. Imagine, in German-equivalents this amounts the whole place shutdown!

Yep, all outing in a March ’07 cable summing Fifth Generation Star(Party Secretary), mister Li, talking with the US Ambassador in post-prandial exercises. [ h/t pragcap via NC ]

Few beat reporters are surprised with this ‘take’, but the wikileaks in confirming the real sense of what goes down has a most useful if not valuable role to play. In and for democracies.

ps: Perhaps an aside, but who realised that nigh-40 percent of US stimulus monies went through foreign banking institutions. Not to be found in wikileaks (yea, some things are even beyond that pale) yet I ask how many of you recognised that public-private partnership mantras amounted to code for toxic asset/s redistributions from those ‘off-balance sheet’ positions. Gee, do I hope it wasna you..

Small wonder ko assange has gotten to numero uno.. saying more as it does about the shutters down than their victim.

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