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Torking On..

December 9, 2010

Was it the passion or was it the worship-full which enabled humanity bestow a very great wealth upon John 1:1’s essential wisdom..?

Question, yes, though no answer is required of you.. my enabled readers.

To the point then: did you know that Porsche have pined for a subcompact SUV? Aid to cashflow/s.. of course. The modern Cayenne model mebbe the picka pepper of mates in its class. But still such placings hold lesser reward than let’s say Robert Redford’s rolling round a carpark in one of the manufacturer’s earlier low sport coupes.. what was that called again..? and the movie..? Best I can recall is it’s the one where he cracked a beaut joke in the form of a one-liner to answer his own question of the office secretary. Q: When did Noah build the Ark? A: Before the flood! (looks attendant convey how stupid can you be in not answering at all let alone figuring an actual date from the good book).

Sold heaps. Everywhere. Agh the joy! Of days gone by.. (jokes aid that kinda thing don’t they!)

So.. what now.. next..? If not pepper then surely some hot babe.. I know says their John- extender [ hey you, FM extenders are pretty common addons if you want articulate understandable media to listen to around the place.. 🙂 ]

And so it came to pass… the hot babe shall be known as Cajun. Looking to 150,000 sales in first production year. Worldwide of course… not too hard to consider attainable is my guess. Euro needs being what they have and hold dear in markets willing stack them a go vs asian ( and especially asian recall territory ) tho I don’t see too many fleet sales…

How about keeping an eye out for this one.. mebbe go try a badge you’ haven’t tried before..

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