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December 17, 2010

Torking on..

Which is to answer one question arising from last time..

Tho not so much.. torking that is .. this week.. dosed to the eyeballs that I am and unwilling pass such a ‘gift’ on.. to anyone..

And feeling so dispossessed.. in that personal sense.. of victimhood that why me?.. and heavens above, why now?.. invokes.

Better then to avoid activities of a relational and/or friendly nature. Go the antisocial. Out of social consideration. Yet, and eyes heavenward, how long will this AGW bug prolong itself into the coming warmer weather..

No idle question. After all, hasn’t this been one of the most hostile year’s ever on southern – Mainland – kiwis? You betcha it has!

1. Southland’s flocks snowed down and out – 2. Canterbury’s Quake – and then 29 men lost to a West Coast mine disaster, along with now also its closure and… and… [ don’t go on.. John.. that’s the one..]

Tell of the news.. a warmer place.. and hardly exaggeration to say so with its smaller than ever difference between daytime and night-time temperatures! But how can that be .. (one hears the protests 😉 ) This is.. a tiny country of 4+mn folks in the deep south Pacific ,,, and it’s Spring… and no way could its people and their emissions and pollutions and.. and.. make for this err.. errr… global thing! Could we?

Straight answer: the longer you do nothing the stronger the global cause. And AGW. Local action rendered useless. Which, anti-climate-change-science may well argue(driven by the success of ignorance) renders the future cost free.


Helping explain the occasional plea toward a Justice Jeffries sentence – “hanging!” [ as played brilliantly by Kitchen in a latest remake of Lorna Doone ] for those who would have brought this bug and I so low. In a Season of Good Cheer. To all men. And women. And most places.

Now.. not only do I rest my case.. I rest my head. Vasodilators do that for me. You see.

ps: I sense a thank you is called for.. to the someone who who sought me out last week under a search term ‘relogia carrera’.. seems most fitting.. tho right now I can’t possibly think why 🙂 [ except mebbe 911 covers this ]

Hoping see you later..

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